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About Shenee

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A Little More  

I started my business at the very young age of 22. Over the past 7 years I've worked with hundreds of businesses and built over 30 digital products and classes for women entrepreneurs. 

In my spare time I like to see movies, take long walks and stalk my sister on social media. 

5 Other Things About Me

1. I am still a Backstreet Boys fan and have been for over 20 years now. BACKSTREETS BACK ALL RIGHT! 

2. I write TV shows and I'm currently chasing my dreams in LA. 

3. I am a recent yogi (like last year) and plan on getting my license and integrating my practice in my business somehow. (My yoga guru is also one of my favorite clients) 

4. I'm a NERD. So much of a nerd that I volunteer for Black Girl Nerds and host a show on movies and TV over there. 

5. I LOVE FOOD. Especially thai food.