Join The Month Of Profits Challenge

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I want you to spend October 100% focused on turning a profit in your business.


People spend a LOT of time planning to make money and not nearly enough time actually MAKING money.

It’s easy to sit around and plan and scheme and prepare yourself for when the money comes but never take any actions that lead directly to money making.

We aren’t doing that anymore, fam!

For the month of October I’m inviting you to focus 150% on PROFITS. Focus all of your energy on getting to the sale.

It’s okay if you aren’t ready.

It’s okay if nothing is “finished.”

Let’s focus on getting a WIN. You willing to take the challenge? Here’s how it breaks down:

STEP 1: Set a TANGIBLE profit goal

TANGIBLE. That means  “get sales” or “get sign ups” won’t do it. It’s all about NUMBERS. What are YOUR numbers?

My goal is to get at least 50 sign ups for my membership during the month of October. What’s your goal?

STEP 2: Pick 20 Profitable Actions to take in your business -- one for every weekday of the month.

You are going to take 1 profitable action step for EVERY SINGLE DAY! Keep in mind -- some of these actions you can totally repeat. For example: writing an email is a profitable action for me. I can do it 4 times over the course of the month. Same for a blog post. I’ll also be doing some social media posting which is an action that can also be made profitable.

Just do ONE thing a day and you’ll make more sales this month than you have in a REAL long time.

Need some inspiration? Here are 25 you can take and use right now:  

  1. Write a post for Medium and promote my post at the end

  2. Write a sales email

  3. Send a personal invitation to a follower I’d LOVE to work with

  4. Write a social media post letting people know WHY you do what you do  

  5. Start an affiliate campaign for my best customers

  6. Write a targeted blog post that leads to sales

  7. Send a personal invitation to a client you’d love to work with again

  8. Host an invitation only group call

  9. Write a social media post that features your favorite client success story

  10. Promote your freebie

  11. Do a limited edition sale for a retired offer or service

  12. Write a mini-sales sequence and send to your list

  13. Be a featured guest for someone else’s community

  14. Follow up with a client that fell off the map

  15. Tweet out my sales page

  16. Do a free webinar

  17. Do a facebook live every week

  18. Create a speaker page and pitch yourself for an event

  19. Create a sales-focused Instastory

  20. Do 5 Free Calls

  21. Update your social media profile to feature your favorite offer

  22. Promote your offer in a facebook group

  23. Reach out to a potential partner for your offering

  24. Post your offer on your personal facebook page

  25. Pitch yourself to a podcast

    Every single day this month I’ve given myself something to do with the goal of adding at least 50 new people to my membership this month. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Here’s some of the stuff on my list:

  • Pitching myself for podcasts

  • Starting an affiliate program for my MWM crew

  • Write a post for Medium

  • Run my webinar 3-4 times this month

STEP 3: Start talking about your stuff!

The biggest item on my list? TAKE MY OWN ADVICE AND TALK ABOUT MY STUFF. It’s so crazy how easy it is to complain about sales not coming in when most of us haven’t actually DONE anything that would inspire someone to actually buy. I’ve made it easy with my Money Words Monthly scripts and I DON’T EVEN USE THEM. It’s madness!  

It’s so bad that I had a follower reach out to me and ask me if I had scripts for instagram. I was like WHAT? You serious? She was TOTALLY serious. Even though I figured people were so OVER me talking about Money Words Monthly, she didn’t even KNOW about it.


Have YOU talked about your services lately?

Here’s the deal (and I’ll talk about this in a future post so make sure you are subscribed):

People don’t walk around thinking about you and your offer. You have to remind them. All the time. Even if they DO know, they might not have their credit card out right then to pay you.

Think about it -- you see a pair of jeans you want while you are in the SUPER LONG line at Trader Joe’s. You LOVE the jeans but you are in LINE so it’s not like you can get your credit card out and buy it. What happens then? You forget about what you were doing and never go back to the jeans even though you totally wanted them.

Same thing for what YOU sell. You gotta let people know. That’s REALLY what this whole month is all about and a point I’m going to be making over and over.


I invite you to join me in the MONTH OF PROFITS and take a profitable action every day this month and that just might mean actually TELLING people what you do. Hit reply to this post and tell me your profitable plans!

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