12 Ways to Make $1000 for the holidays



And the holidays = a time when lots of money gets spent.


In fact, I just got my secret santa assignment and will be shopping for him/her soon. (YES I am not giving out hints. THERE ARE SPIES EVERYWHERE.)


Before I give you my 12 ways, let's talk about ALL the ways you can get $1000.


10 people for $100.


1 person for $1000


2 people for $500


4 people for $250 (that is one person a week)


You get the point! There are SO MANY ways to make this happen.


And here is another thing you NEED TO HAVE in order to make that money. You have to BELIEVE that you can make it, yo. Don't read these and be like 'OK WHATEVS, SHENEE." Be like: YAS. I can make an extra $1000. In fact, I KNOW I can.


Making money is simple (but it isn't easy).


You just need to create something that people KNOW they want.


This is the key. You can be the shiz.com but if people don't KNOW they need what you have from you specifically. You getz no sales yo.


So before we dig in (YES I will finally give you the ideas after this), remember that sales happen ONLY when the above condition is met and your goal as a business owner is to make sure people get IT and get you.


This might mean changing your sales copy, it might be making sure you are talking to the right people.....figure out where the holes are and PLUG em' and once you do, I promise these will work.


Other essential ingredients to making $1000 this month:


Consistency -- It is the LEAST sexy but most important way to make sure people actually buy your stuff. Fun fact: most of the times it takes a LOT for people to actually buy something from you. They have to see you around a lot. You have to help them a lot.


Reputation /Social Proof -- Don't get me wrong. You do NOT have to be Marie Forleo. You just have to be able to show that you know your stuff. No one just buys things for the hell of it.


Engagement -- Consistency and engagement makeout a LOT because they are PARTNERS. Engaging your audience and making sure they are right in alignment with what you are talking about is OH SO IMPORTANT.


So before you read the list, think of 5 ways you can make your stuff easier to sell!


So, I proudly present 12 ways to make $1000 for the holidays, yo.


1. Do a webinar that is new year themed! Charge $10 and sign up 100 people or sign up $25 and get 40 people to show up . Make sure that the webinar solves a VERY SPECIFIC PROBLEM so that it's an easy YES.


2. Create a limited edition offer that solves a problem that is seasonal OR something you don't usually talk about.


3. Turn one of your post popular posts into a digital product by adding video or creating audios. In fact, create a few of them! Again, make sure it's specific and CLEAR. (Even soft benefits need clarity.)


4. Email your favorite former client and offer them something NEW. It will make them feel super special and AWESOME and you'll get to work with someone you like. WIN/WIN.


5. Do a HUGE sales push on one of your existing products or services. Re-do the sales page. Do a free call. THE WORKS. REALLY launch it. Think about other angles. New benefits.


6. Create a one-time offering in which you do EVERYTHING for one lucky person. (For example: don't just do the weight loss coaching, create custom menus! cook the food!) TOTAL V.I.P. A good way to think about this is: what do you TELL them to do that you could potentially do for them? That is a great way to start.


7. Create a ALL NEW product thing! Sell that shiz!


8. Create a DETAILED case study for one of your former clients and share it EVERYWHERE. Cap it off with a special discount offer for one of your things.


9. Do a teleseminar PACKED with awesome people, have it available for 24 hours and then sell it with some awesome extras (worksheets, a swag bag...).


10. Think up an awesome JV idea to propose to someone AWESOME and split the profits.


11. Do a group workshop teaching something you do with your individual clients.


12. Write a simple e-book and use a facebook ad to sell it.


So which ones are you gonna try? Let me know in the comments!