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ore lives and get some instant clarity.

This is the BRAND MAP, it’s basically an outline of everything we will be covering in Hot Brand Action. In fact, each week we will be checking in with this little inforgraphic and filling it in so the brand starts to build out.


Notice the heirchy here? Your big idea is REALLY important (we spend a week on it in HBA) and I wanted to show you how having a big idea really positively influences your brand.


 If you don’t have a big idea, you don’t have a brand. In Hot Brand Action, we call The BIG IDEA a battle cry.

  • It’s that 1 thing that people can want for themselves.
  • It’s that 1 thing that everything in your business will help them get.
  • Battle Cries make brands addictive. It’s the reason why you keep going back time and time again.
  • Battle cries are the building blocks you use to build EMPIRES.


Your battle cry needs to be 3 things: 

1. Easy for  your “people” to understand and want for themselves

2. Simple



What’s his mission?

World Domination/Non-Conformity

What does that mean?

Everyone who comes to his site wants to live a life of their own design.

What does that look like?  

( P.S — Your battle cry MUST be able to be illustrated. If someone can’t hear it and know examples of what that means, it won’t work )

Traveling around the world
Working for themselves
Doing kick-ass things
Connecting with like-minded people

Chris can pretty much do anything he wants and have it fit under the “non-conformity/world domination” umbrella.

He could sponsor a skydiving trip
He could write a memoir about his life
He could create a cooking class for non-conformists

All of his books and events will somehow help you reach this goal: a life of non-conformity.

This is how Chris’s brand looks:




See how the battle cry is ESSENTIAL to his content creation? If he didn’t have his battle cry, the rest of his brand wouldn’t be nearly as cohesive.

It’s important that your battle cry is something that REALLY makes you excited and is something you can joyfully help other people achieve for themselves.

So, what does it look like when you DON’T have this?

  • You might have a bunch of products that are GREAT but don’t sell
  • You have trouble writing blog posts + newsletters and often run out of things to talk about
  • Your brand doesn’t feel cohesive. You might be putting things out there but they don’t quite make sense

When you have a battle cry, you:

  • create products that your people will AUTOMATICALLY want to buy because it will be helpful for them
  • you have a focus for your blog posts and social media — No more “what do I write?”
  • people get you + your products at first glance, without you having to explain it to them


Before you hire a designer, a copywriter or anything else, make sure you have this first. It makes everything else so much easier.  You’ll also love everything else so much more.


So, now the question:

What is your empire-building battle cry?

Need some help with that? You are in the RIGHT PLACE! Check out my class, Hot Brand Action. I’ll not only help you figure out your battle cry but I will also give you the tools to start creating your own empire.

Who doesn’t want that?




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