3 Things Every Business Owner Needs To Successfully Launch


What if you know that when you’d launch sales would happen?

If you’ve launched to crickets or felt completely ignored by your audience my first statement seems far-fetched or even impossible. 

You’ve most likely read emails like these and know most of them are bullshitso I’m sure you eye-rolled a little at that first sentence. 

Just stay with me for a little bit. 

No, this isn’t another pie-in-the-sky facebook ad, I’m serious.

There is a way to make sure that your launch will result in sales. 

You just need to do 3 things

Make sure your list is HIGH quality 

Oh, list quality. I've been trying to make list quality happen for years but list-building always beats me to the punch. It's sexier and straight-forward and focused on subscribes vs. unsubscribes so I get it

That isn't to say you can't have both -- you know you are hitting just the right balance when you have a really good quality list that builds and builds while also getting rid of the people who will never buy from you. 

If you have a high-quality list, your launches will always work, no matter how much the offer is or the size of the list. 

(Although make sure that your launch goals make sense for the list size you have -- that's a whole other story) 

A lot of problems start with list-quality and a list quality problems are difficult to pinpoint.  If you suspect that you might have a list-quality problem, I would survey your audience or do a bunch of interviews to see where they are at and if you need to change your list-building strategy to attract the right audience. 

A bomb offer that's attractive to the people who NEED it

Your offer might be life-changing and great but if your target market doesn't understand that it's great, doesn't matter what you say about it. 

Have you ever bought a thing and been totally disappointed by it? That's because the promotion of an offer is not always a reflection of what the offer really is. When you bought the thing, you were attracted to the PROMISE of the offer. 

Your offer is only as sellable as your customer's point-of-view and understanding of what you are selling. 

Even the best sellers can get stuck at this bit. It's hard to communicate the value of what you do but it's essential for a really successful launch. 

Look at your offer: does it SOUND as good as it actually is? 

What is the missing piece? 

A launch campaign that addresses your customer's concerns by giving them the first step while opening the door for you to help them with their problem on a deeper level

Don't give away the WHOLE FARM. If you've ever gone to a call and been like "okay, I'm good" after listening/watching it, that's not a good launch piece. The goal of your launch should be to start the conversation and not end it. 


Your campaign should leave them with more questions vs. leave them not wanting your next offer. This is tricky, especially for woo bosses who give so freely and openly but if you create a campaign that positions you as a free resource, there is no longer reason for anyone to buy from you. 

When building your launch, focus on doing/creating something that educates and illuminates. What is a problem/pain that they are going through that is solved with your offer? How can you make sure that the right customer knows? 

Your launch should be about that! 

Those are the 3 things every launch needs to be a success. I know, way easier said than done but with these 3 things, your launch will ALWAYS work with very few exceptions. 

If you want to learn how to implement these pieces right away and craft a launch that will work without the guesswork and confusion, check out the woo boss collective, next month we are covering launches. You can learn more here! 

Shenee Howard