What Is Marketing + How You Can Use It

I've noticed one thing over the years that's holding folks back from really experiencing any time of lasting success in business 

...and realizing their dreams of being a thoughtleader, writer, teacher or just make enough money to quit your job and live their lives 

It’s the “marketing is evil” mindset. 

And it’s bullshit. 

And it’s worse than bullshit, it’s ruining your business and keeping you broke. 

And that’s scary! 

If you are feeling, stuck or stalled out when it comes to your business, it’s not that you don’t have a big enough list or aren’t reaching enough people or that you are just this precious wildflower that people don’t understand. 

It’s because you have bought into the belief that marketing is a bad thing and that ---

  • Only slimy marketers and “bad” business owners use it 
  • You are bad at it and because you are bad at it you shouldn’t be doing it 
  • It’s unethical to “hit on people’s pain points.”  Ugh.

So where the hell did this “marketing is evil” myth come from?

Well, most people have the best intentions but the truth is that “marketing is evil” comes from a place of FEAR and discomfort. 

Marketing is a totally new skill for most people and it requires a level of vulnerability and putting yourself out there and most people don’t want to do it because it’s SCARY. It’s scary to ask for money. It’s scary to put yourself out to be judged. It’s easier to be snooty about something you don’t fully understand. At the same time, marketing is a mixed bag. You might fixate on the swarmy and gross messages and decide THAT is marketing and is therefore evil. This is easy to do because you are already afraid of it and it’s difficult. 

 And how does thinking that “marketing is evil” negatively impacting your life? 

Welp, you are probably broke and blaming everything and everyone else except for the actual truth which is that you haven’t landed on a message that feels easy to share and so marketing feels hard. You just don’t have the message yet. 

What is marketing?

It is just a series of messages delivered in a way that will attract and excite your ideal customer. 

Think of it this way. If you move into a new neighborhood and are looking for a new hair colorist, how are you going to find her? Is it through referrals, through instagram or maybe through an ad? Perhaps it’s a free guide you found on facebook about the perfect colors for your skintone.

That’s all marketing is. You are just making it easier for people to find you. 

It’s the MESSAGE that makes or breaks this whole process.

If you see a piece of marketing that rubs you the wrong way, it has nothing to do with “marketing.” It’s the MESSAGE they chose to use attract their customers. It’s the MESSAGE they’ve used to help them stand out.

For example, the hair colorist might develop a message that talks about “healthy hair” and another colorist might pick a message that’s about “vibrant colors.” 

A less cool message might be “you suck and your hair sucks and I’ll fix it.” That’s a different story. 

Once you pick a message and communicate it, the marketing part comes easily. It comes NATURALLY. 

The best part? You get to choose! It can be whatever you want. It just needs to be something. This is actually fun! It’s FUN to develop a message because when you do, EVERYTHING becomes way easier. 

My advice? Focus on developing a message that makes marketing easy. 
My promise: you’ll develop a message and get a clear vision of how to market yourself in a way that feels good and is so NOT evil. 

I’ll be back with my next entry in the “not so evil” series. Tomorrow I’m talking about PAIN POINTS. 

--- Shenee

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Shenee Howard