How To Save A Dying Business

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Is your business dying?

Here are some signs:

  • The things that used to work just aren’t working anymore
  • Everything feels super hard
  • It seems like nobody is ever listening or caring what you say
  • You don’t feel motivated and inspired
  • You are often trying things out and experimenting, trying to find something that works and you are tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Ouch, I know.

Do you see these in your brand? You aren’t alone. While it seems like everyone is a six figure major success, the majority of business owners are barely keeping their businesses alive and are barely making it day-to-day.  

Secret: everything is hard for most people, they just are good at hiding it.

This is especially true if you’ve been around for a while and things just aren’t working like they used to or you are a newbie who feels like everything is so tough. By the end of this post you’ll know exactly how to save a business on it’s last legs. You’ll also have a uncomfortable look at my love of Keanu Reeves.


Your brand needs to feel alive and exciting again and you aren’t sure how to do it and everyone has an opinion or a piece of advice on what you should do.

So annoying.  

I totally get this and your problem is very similar to Keanu Reeve’s problem before 2014.

Being a Keanu Reeves fan is really hard. There is a lot of crappy movies to sort through. Just the other day I was watching a particularly bad film in which he plays a slightly overweight cop trying to avenge the death of his partner. I think.

He might have actually been a gangster pretending to be a cop.

I can’t say for sure because I haven’t finished it. It’s so bad.

Anyways ---- This movie -- along with pretty much all of the movies Keanu has done after the Matrix trilogy haven’t be successful and it’s for one big reason.

All of these films were outside of Keanu’s magic zone.

What is a magic zone? It’s like a zone of genius but better. It’s that place where you are your most you...your most successful, most attractive and most turned on and focused.

For actors finding your magic zone is really important because that’s often the role that gives you the most success. For Meryl Streep, her magic zone is transformation. For someone like Jennifer Lawrence, she is the best at playing a woman who is emotionally removed in some way.

What is Keanu Reeve’s magic zone?

Let’s talk about what all his most successful movies have in common:

  • He doesn’t talk much
  • Cool fighting and action
  • Splashy B movie vibe
  • Clear and simple premise

It was this same formula that made his other most successful movies -- Point Break, Speed and even The Matrix movies so popular.

He totally abandoned this style of movie and his career floundered in the 2000’s...that was until he made his way back home with a little movie called John Wick.

An instant cult classic, John Wick had Keanu on a revenge mission that was simple, fun and had lots of action. INTERESTING. This film had Keanu Reeves at his most Keanu and suddenly his career was back on track...he was a movie star again.



A few months later -- not learning his lesson -- he completed another snoozefest of a film, a crime drama in which he was trying to capture his Devil’s Advocate success -- it tanked.

Why am I telling you this? What is there to learn? If you are floundering and struggling in your business, it’s probably because you are wandering farther and farther away from your magic zone.

This can be tricky to find, it has to be a magical combo of what you like and what people need but when you find that place in your business, MAGIC happens.

Keanu Reeves has his greatest success when he is doing big action B+ movies. That’s why when John Wick came around, everyone was so excited. KEANU is back, the trades said, ignoring the fact that he had been in a movie every year for the last 10 or 12 years but okay, he’s back.

When I work with my clients who struggle with their message and what they are doing, it’s often because they don’t know where their zone of magic is or even worse can’t articulate it and as a result the only people who get all the goodness are the people they work with directly. This makes everything go super slow because it’s hard to work and impact EVERYONE you come across.

It’s kind of like if an actor is ONLY good when they are in auditions or doing really small unknown shows --- it’s really hard to build buzz and business that way. You have to build your personality to scale -- the more people who are exposed to your brilliance, the stronger the brand.

So your thought for this week, where is your zone of magic? Where are you the most tuned in, when are you doing your most amazing and most sexy work?

I’ve gone through my own journey with this. I’ve spent so much time trying to teach it all and do it all but I’m back home with branding and offering design.

If you want to see me strut my stuff, make sure you sign up for the FREE challenge I’m doing next week -- Idea To Income Stream. It starts December 4th. You can sign up here.


Shenee Howard