How To Create An Offer That Sells

I once sat in on a weight loss seminar that promised me a 20 pound in a week weight loss, if only I would come to the doctor’s office once a week and get a shot of....hormones? Tranquilizers? Viagra? Who knows.

It’s was crazy but I honestly considered it. Man, if all it takes to be thin is a blood stream full of viagra and GIANT boobs from the hormones, who cares?

People will do ANYTHING if they feel like it will make them feel better. As a Woo Boss, that’s your goal and that’s all anyone really wants/

People want to pay you if they believe and KNOW you can solve their problems. If they aren’t convinced, they won’t buy. The journey (and the struggle) is not about finding something people will buy it’s about presenting it in a way so they will buy.

I call this "boiling the perfect egg"

I have spent a lot of time perfecting my egg. It’s totally individual -- I like it at a very specific consistency, too hard and I don’t like it, too soft and it makes me want to vom. My egg boiling process took a long time to get right. Took some experimenting and a LOT of ruined eggs.

The same goes for writing and selling your offers, especially ones in the woo world. You need just the right conditions -- the right language with the right message to connect and hit with people.

You can have a great offer but the wrong messaging and presentation.

You can have a great presentation but it’s not the right offer for it.

There are so many factors involved and it’s totally unique to your tastes, your personality and target market.

My clients sometimes complain that what works for their mentors doesn’t work for them and I tell them this egg story.

Their perfect boiled egg clearly isn’t your egg.

This is something all business owners have to figure out, how to boil the right egg offer and sometimes this takes time.

I’ve had clients (and this happens to me too) where you have an offer that’s wonderful and amazing but you haven’t figured it out yet. You haven’t boiled the perfect egg that really connects with people in a deep way.

Sometimes it’s instant but a lot of times it takes a few tries to get it right.

I tell you this because if you are trying to sell something and it’s not working, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad offer and that no one will buy it --- the conditions are not right for it to hit.

This happens to EVERY BUSINESS OWNER, by the way. Even those big 7 figure launch stars will have an offer that underperforms because they haven’t quite figured it out yet and they have hired messaging experts (like me!) to help them figure it out.

It’s a process.

It took a lot of your favorite gurus YEARS to hit on that message or that big idea that really took off. You have to work at it. This is the process I go through with my Woo Boos a lot. I tweak and I’m constantly asking questions and it drives them CRAZY but it’s because I’m still not convinced it’s there yet.

Here is are some questions to ask yourself if you are struggling with figuring things out with your offer:

  • What is a very specific situation/story your target market finds themselves in when realizing that they need your help? 
  • What is happening in their life when they realize "omg, I need to do something."
  • What are they THINKING? What can I say that will make them be like "OMG YES!"

Messaging or figuring out THAT is a great way to start troubleshooting the offer.

Peace, Love and BSB,

Shenee Howard