Me vs. My Yoga Teacher -- the Epic Battle

I have the best yoga teacher in the world but you wouldn’t have known it if you went to her website and read her copy. While in class she was confident, bold and funny.

Her online presence? Yawn.

Where was my cool yoga teacher?  

Fortunately, she joined Woo Boss Collective.

Once she was inside I broke it to her -- straight up.

“In your classes I get it, everything is so clear and practical but on the website, I have no clue what you are talking about.”

Oh how the tables turned.

See my yoga teacher spent a lot of time teaching (torturing) me how to do downward dog and it was just so hard for me.

Did you know people say downward dog is a resting pose? *eye roll*

I begged.

I pleaded.



She’d smile. I’d curse. That was the tradition.

It was time for her to do some cursing.

I’d send back a piece of copy full of suggestions, tweaks and edits.

“It’s too hard. Selling is hard.” She’d say.

She begged.

She pleaded.


No, I’m not into torturing people (okay maybe I enjoyed my yoga teacher’s cries of pain a liiittttle too much, don’t judge me, because c’mon you would do the same).....

This is a story I hear a LOT from Woo Bosses, though.

Good in person but can’t make the jump to making money online because it’s “too hard.”

“I hate talking about myself”

“If people just talk to me they will get it”

“I’m good in person”

You are right, but there’s only one you and you can’t talk to everyone.

And here’s the thing about selling, it CAN be hard, but just like downward dog, it’s NOT impossible.

(Also, just like downward dog, it’s beneficial in ways you might never realize until the results show up.)

So my yoga teacher worked her butt off.  She’d show up, share her work, get feedback and do it again. Over and over again.

I hit the mat and worked on my downward dog whenever I could. Over and over again.

And we both started to improve.

- Suddenly she was going from 5-10 likes on her instagram posts to 50-60 likes.

- All of the sudden her click rate went from 5-10% to over 30-40%.

- And a program she was struggling to sell for months was suddenly 80% full.

“It works,” she said to me one day.

(As I silently cursed her while in downward dog pose.)

“Yep, if you do it. It works,” I managed to huff out.

The point is, it DOES work.

It works for my yoga teacher, and it can work for you too.

Her story is like so many Woo Bosses out there.

They have everything they need in the skills department -- they have happy clients -- they are ROCKSTARS.

But they need some direction and focus to tip their sales numbers in the right direction.

It’s not easy and there is no silver bullet -- oh how I wish there was -- but it works if you do it.

Want to do something that will actually work for you and your business?

Then join Woo Boss Collective.

Unlike a yoga class, you don’t need to wear clothes suitable for wearing in public (your business BFFs and I won’t know if you’re in your underwear on the monthly retreat because it’s all online but feel free to wear yoga pants if you’d like, they are comfy).

And unlike a yoga class, you can actually get BIG results just by showing up ONCE A MONTH.


No, I mean it.

I’m not making things up here.

My Woo Boos make huge progress just by showing up for a few hours to the monthly retreats ALONE.

And if you want to be a real superstar, you’ll take advantage of allllllll the other stuff your membership provides you with.

(There’s a lot. Check it out right here.)

Woo Boss Collective does have one thing in common with yoga, though. The results (and the impact on your life) is huge if you stick with it.

See there is this thing that happens with yoga (excuse me if you know this already) -- your body starts to feel different.

You feel more confident.

Your body starts to change.

When you are able to market and sell your woo, your life starts to change too.

People naturally start to say yes.

Doors open and opportunities start to just magic.

Just like that feeling when you get in that tricky pose for the first time.

I’m totally committed to making your experience inside Woo Boss Collective fun (but a little challenging, just like yoga) and profitable.

So get inside there NOW. No yoga mat required, unless you want.

(I’ve totally written blog posts from my yoga mat. Totally allowed.)

P.S. You have less than 24 hours until the March retreat! So get in there in time to make some serious progress on your business THIS WEEK.

What does serious progress look like?

Let’s talk about video for a second.

It’s the most important tool in a Woo Bosses arsenal (so if you aren’t doing it, you might be leaving money on the table).

Most Woo Bosses tell me they are good in person but there is only ONE you and video is a way to recreate that “good in person” feeling without cloning yourself which isn’t possible...yet.

The only problem is most Woo Bosses are great at creating valuable and inspiring videos but aren’t so good at getting people to sign up.

I bet you’ve experienced this too.

Through my study of hundreds of successful videos and running my own very successful video campaigns (without the fancy equipment), I’ve developed the perfect structure for creating every type of video.

This is the same format that is used to create videos that have resulted in millions of dollars in sales or have helped grow lists 10 fold.

My Woo Bosses will be learning how to do it tomorrow

Once my Woo Bosses learn this skill, they will have the power to make videos whenever they want in every style they want.....

And see results. 

It’s amazing stuff.

Want to learn how?  We start tomorrow. 

P.S.S. - One of the cool things about figuring all of this out is that you make the switch from following to leading. A favorite result of mine is that a lot of my clients and Woo Bosses stop listening to podcasts and watching videos and start starring in them. I know you have a bunch of podcasts in your queue, wouldn’t it be cool if you had a starring role in them?

Grab your spot in Woo Boss Collective today, we are going to be creating your first profitable video TOMORROW.