You Can Make Six Figures Selling Anything -- Here's Proof

This is Joey and I saw his video about how he made 20,000 bucks breeding discus, which is a type of fish that’s actually really pretty…


Anyways, I watched the video and he talked about how he made the money and actually ultimately decided he didn’t want to do it anymore. There is actually a great lesson here in expenses vs. profit which is worth listening too as well, so you can watch the whole video here.

This video became my gateway to the FISH community and the economy that goes with it.

Stay-at-home moms made thousands of dollars selling fry fish and live plants. Mom and pop shops growing coral bring their work to FISH CONVENTIONS (???) and sell for hundreds of dollars.

A great grandfather breeds nearly extinct monster fish and sells them for 10,000. Yes. You heard that number right.

The fish community is a micro-economy built from a common interest and goal for people —

How do you build an aquarium full of the healthiest and happiest fish (That’s what I like to call a core question)?

While most of us will buy our fish from a chain pet store (I will actually never do that again, I’m aquarium woke now), there is a whole community full of people who are willing to pay for high quality fish and equipment. It’s truly remarkable.

This is why the signature story is way more important than the target market, the people in this community who pay top dollar for their monster fish have a specific mindset and way at looking at the world and communicating that makes them a good customer.

A good example of this is communication. These folks rarely use the typical social media platforms. Where do they hang out? FORUMS. Yes, old school late 90’s forums. It’s amazing.

The lesson here is that there are tiny micro economies EVERYWHERE. People are identifying their signature customers in all sorts of places and really profiting by getting specific and being really clear about their interests and how they serve. These people are passionate about fish, passionate about the work and make their livings doing it.

Your perception might be if you ain't teaching businesses, the money is not out there but tell that to the grandpa making 5 figures a month from selling fish.

Over the last few years, our industry has gotten away from passion, clarity and quality and is focused on “fit for all” solutions and teaching people how to become business owners. 

This leaves most business owners broke and wondering why. Everyone wants to serve everyone. My clients are always afraid of leaving people out but the magic is in getting specific and really, really clear.

One of my favorite things to do is find these little pocket economies for my clients because once you get out of the b2b world and find your specific question you answer and the right person for the question, money flows easily.

This isn’t EASY and all the flash of list-building and marketing makes people forget that without a brand, none of the other stuff tends to work that well.

I see this a lot for multiple businesses — even big ones. Big audiences that don’t convert struggle because of poor branding and communication.

Branding is a mental game too. How much do you feel your work is worth? This is the type of work we do in my Brand Fix retreat. Ultimately, the most expensive (and wasteful) thing you can do is build something that isn’t clear and doesn’t have a brand. I’m not saying the other stuff isn’t important (for example: the marketing, the Facebook ads) but without a brand, fb ads might not convert the right people, your marketing might fall flat (we’ve all experienced this) or your list-size just won’t budge.

After working with me you’ll be able to do all those activities a lot more effectively and clearly because you know who you are, what you are about and have an offer that reflects that. If you are interested in booking a Brand Fix, fill out the application here and schedule your 15 minute call and I’ll let you know if you are a good fit.

Pay close attention to the requirements for signing up, I’m committed to only working with businesses who are going to get the best results and who are 100% serious about their businesses.

If you feel like that’s you, let’s chat for 15 minutes. 

- Shenee