I overshare….again

I have this bad habit of using podcasts as therapy sessions for myself and I end up revealing way too much.

Just ask me one question and I’m like:

This time it was for Hillary’s Breakthrough To Coaching Interview Series.

Now I’ve never been shy about the fact that my business journey has been --- well --- rocky and that I feel like more people should be honest about the fact that business isn’t a walk in the park.

Podcasts are always a good opportunity for me to share these stories.

If you’ve ever wondered about…..

• My biggest failures
• How I got started
• What I do to keep inspired and moving forward
• What I think it takes to become a coach
• How I grew my business...and continue to do some

And some other overshares that I really should stop letting people record, go here and check out my interview series.

While you will get to hear my stories, you’ll also get some amazing insights from a few other coaches about how to build a thriving coaching practice.

I know there are a lot of wannabe coaches in my little inbox family, this interview series is a great place to start if you are thinking about it.

Sign up here.

-- Shenee