How To Introduce Yourself To Anyone [Free Scripts Inside]


It's a dark, trendy bar. The kind of bar that the stars of your favorite romantic comedy would have a chance meeting when the heroine accidentally spills her drink on a handsome veterinarian from Kansas. Unfortunately this potential meet-cute situation has turned into your own personal hell...

A networking event. 
A woman comes over, smiles and compliments you on your top and introduces herself and then asks what you do. 
She pauses, staring at you, her eyes expectant. 
"Uhhhh…." You stammer.
She blinks. 
You take off all your clothes and streak through the party, distracting everyone from the fact you have no clue what you do and have absolutely no idea how to explain it. 
Just kidding (but that would work for sure) 
I'm sure you've experienced this feeling though. The deer in the headlights -- omg wtf feeling. 
Either in person at that networking event or online in that group you just joined where everyone is happily sharing their dogs pictures along with eloquent, perfectly crafted introductions. 
You brush it off and open up one of the pdfs for the products you bought, only to get distracted by the facebook feed where someone mentions this new show they are watching on Netflix and you watch the first 8 episodes in the first 24 hours. 

A few days later you have a mini-breakdown about why your business isn't working. 
Girlllllllll (or guy) 
You can't explain what you do, how can reasonable expect to sell what you do? Or have people care about what you do?

With 0 being not important and 10 being THE MOST important, it's a 9.5. How can you make progress when that 9.5 is being addressed? 
You can't.
Here is an intro to play with: 
I'm a ___(results specific title)________. Basically that means if your friend was struggling to ______(very specific experience)________. She'd come to me and I'd _______________. 
I help women _______(Very specific pain point) by ____________;

I'm basically the Olivia Pope of business coaches. If you had a friend who was constantly canceling on you because she didn't have enough money because her sales were super low this quarter, she'd come to me and I'd fix it. 
I help chronically overwhelmed working moms sleep more, get less stress headaches and make more time to get lost in their favorite book, without worrying about what might happen if they do.
See how these two business owners are instantly referable? 
This ease in which you can be referred is directly correlated to how easy it feels for people to buy from you.
Feels hard for you to explain? It will feel harder for the person buying from you. A lack of clarity is a business killer and we don't want to kill your business, do we? That would be bad. You might think this isn't a thing and you can keep pushing without being

Shenee Howard