The Secret To More Productivity, Less Unused Products, And More Money


How is it that some people get a lot done and other people can't seem to get started?

Have you ever wondered why you were so inspired to start your business and now you can't bother to tweet.

 How do you get things done?  What's the trick?

 The other day I got an email from a recent retreat client who was on a roll. Since we’d worked together, she did a webinar, wrote several blog post and started work on a book.

 I’d like to take credit for the amazing progress she made in her business but I can't.

The truth is, I didn’t actually DO any of that stuff (well, I wrote some copy and designed the webinar but I digress).

She still had to do the work. I didn’t do any begging. No advanced accountability techniques.

Before our sessions,  she knew she needed to do these things but never got around to it. 

After our sessions, she couldn't seem to stop working on things.

 Why is this? Is it productivity? Did I give her some fancy system to do?

Have you seen my desk? No way.

 In fact, I am the least organized person you’ll ever meet but I still manage to get lots done and I suspect my trick is the same one my client is using, without me even telling her.

The trick? Inspiration and clarity.

Suddenly, after months of barely getting by, dreading writing every message and staring at her inbox waiting for something to happen -- inspiration struck.

Clarity called.

She fell back in love with her work and the rest was easy. 

People underestimate this part of the equation. You might think that a strong desire to make money or be successful is enough.

 It helps but the most effective productivity secret is INSPIRATION and CLARITY.

When you feel INSPIRED by your brand, working through that digital product or guide is easy. 

You want to do it.

When you feel INSPIRED, building that website doesn’t take months, it takes weeks or even days.

When you feel CLEAR, you have a path. You know where you are going. You have the “why” behind the actions you take.

Most productivity problems are due to a lack of clarity about what you want, who you are and what’s important to you. 

It’s so easy to put off what’s confusing. This is also why so many products don't get used.

 You start working and realize that you have no clue what you are working on.

It’s hard  get excited to do work on a product when you aren’t inspired or clear on what you are even doing.

That’s why I like to say that the work I do is the foundation everything else stands on. Once you are clear what you are doing, the other things on your list just happen. 

I’d say that the #1 piece of feedback I get from my clients is that the work I do helps them fall back in love with their business.

This isn't luck. It's by design.

It’s because the best part of clarifying your brand is the excitement and clarity you get afterwards.

 That's the secret to doing big things in your business. You have to want to. You have to feel that inspiration and this only comes from feeling like you are hot shit and people would be crazy to not buy what you are selling.

 That’s what I do.

 Do you want to feel inspired by your work again? Do you want to finally get clear so that you can start implementing what you’ve learned and get results?

 The truth is that no product, service or promise made by anyone works without clarity on who you are and what you do -- along with a stand out brand people will obsess over.

The alternative is that you will keep stalling out, avoiding the things you want to do and getting “too busy” to do what you said you’ll do. Who wants that? 

It’s so much easier when you are clear.

If you want to create that -- and not have it take months (or even years to do it), fill out the application for Brand Fix here.

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Shenee Howard