6 Pieces Of Business Advice To Ignore (If You Are A Beginner)



Okay, so maybe the ads aren't saying that exactly BUT I'm sure you've felt that way when reading a blog post, listening to a podcast or reading a piece of sales copy. 

Everyone makes everything seem so important and so essential and if you've just decided to start a business, it's easy to feel like you need to do it ALL or all is lost. 

I'm about to do you a favor. I'm going to tell you what messages you can start ignoring right now and what you can focus on instead. 

So take a deep cleansing breath. 

No really, take that breath.

Settle in, take out a notebook and pen and start creating a new (and much shorter) to-do list. 

1. The number of people on your list

Numbers were very important about 2-3 years ago because being on someone's list was something really special and it just isn't anymore. The fact of the matter is that with freebies, bribes and content upgrades, giving someone your email address doesn't mean you'll ever buy or want to commit. 

Think about all of the lists you are on. Who have you actually bought from? 

The truth is that CONNECTION is way more important part of the equation and the quickest way to a sale for a beginning business isn't through growing a monster list but making personal connections. Think about a dentist or even a hair dresser....they don't need a HUGE list to succeed. Just a small and loyal group of people that show up consistently. 

What you should think about instead: making deep and personal connections with a few people who love and will pay you 

2. A really polished website

When you are just starting, it's really tempting to make yourself look as close to your mentors as possible. That means investing in a fancy site, great pictures and a sleek look. This is almost ALWAYS a waste of money because the business idea you have now will most likely be TOTALLY different than the one you'll have in a year. Fast forward and you'll have this beautiful site that feels nothing like you 

What you should think about instead: going LIVE as quickly as possible -- if your work is good-- nobody will care how it looks 

3. Fancy tech software and webinar set ups 

This is a big one. You might feel really tempted to focus all of your time and energy on justttt the right tech tools and set up but this also does not matter. Do a google hangout. Sign up for a free call-in service. Start a mailchimp account. Focus all of your energy on the most simple approaches to everything so you don't get bogged down by the details and never get around to it. The beginning of your business about experimentation and discovery. Keep things lean. 

What you should be thinking about instead: what can I SAY that is going to make people excited to show up, regardless of the platform

4. Making six-figures 

You most likely won't make six figures as a beginning business and I also invite you to really throw this out as a pursuit you might be reaching for because it does way more damage than good. If you are trying to get from where you are -- a business with no customers and just an idea and trying to get to six figures, you are going to get frustrated, overwhelmed and stumble your way through a lot of debt that is supposed to lead to your ultimate six-figure success. 

Make your goals WAY smaller and achievable. We all need those tiny wins to propel us forward and making six-figures the holy grail of your business success means you won't have a true win in a very long time. 

What you should be thinking about instead: turning your business into a lucrative side hustle that could eventually...down the line turn into a full-time job. 

5. Investing heavily in facebook ads 

While facebook ads can be effective, they are rarely good for brand-new business owners. Most don't have the clarity and knowledge of their market to create a truly effective ad and so it ends up being a waste of hard-earned cash. If you are going to do a facebook ad, don't spend a lot of money on it. Maybe a few dollars a week. 

What you should be thinking about instead: All of the 100% free strategies for getting from of your audience and increasing your reach. I'll also be talking about a few of these in my webinar which you can sign up here, by the way.

6. Creating a course -- before you have any customers 

As a beginner you are much better off selling your higher priced services FIRST -- and positioning yourself as more of a boutique provider and THEN expanding into creating a course or a digital product. It takes time to build up an audience (this is when numbers do matter) to make putting all of your energy into a course worth it. The same amount of energy you'll spend trying to sell a 49 dollar product could be a special boutique offer you sell for $400 or more and get your business going much faster. 

What you should be thinking about instead: getting customers who will invest more OR knowing that with that type of model your profitability will be a lot slower

Those are just a few of the things you can stop worrying about right now but I really want to share with you the exact blueprint and steps to making your first sale (or $600) in your business which is why I'm putting on my free webinar on the subject --- The Call To Adventure: Make Your First $600.

It's a hype-free and totally doable approach for helping people go from idea to making $600, which will actually make a huge difference and is possible for all levels of business owner. You can sign up here. 

Shenee Howard