Forget six figures...can you make $600?

Do you know what's SO sad? 

Everyone talks about the fast track  to six-figures when you most likely haven't made $600 in your business.

How do I know that? Because pretty much everyone is in that same boat. 

The truth is that you trying your best to get to a 10k month if you haven't made at least $600 is a lost cause, a waste of money and is a huge disappointment and on top of that it's just not done that often. 

Sure, there are some exceptional stories out there that have more to do with perfect timing, access to resources (lots of money starting off) and pure luck...but I have some bad news. 

If you haven't made that 60k in 6 weeks it's not because you fail at life it's because it's not actually a thing most people can do and you might be most people.

Sorry about that but you are in good company. 

I was "most people" when I started my business too. I didn't make six figures in my first year --- because I wasn't rich, I wasn't connected and I just wasn't very lucky. *shrugs* but I turned out fine. 

Just because you can't make money at this unreasonably fast rate, doesn't mean your work isn't valuable and that people don't need what you do. 

Hey, I have a radical idea: 

What if instead of focusing on 6-figures, you just focus on making $600? 

It's achievable, doable and if you do it every month for a year, that's $7200 extra dollars you didn't have before. You might scoff at that amount but it's way more than you are making now and a lot more than you would have made by spending more money trying to achieve a goal that's just not possible for most of us.

And the amazing thing about making $600 you KNOW that this business is legit and you have the confidence to keep going because you KNOW you can make a sale and that your work has value and you can sell it. 

With that in mind I'm teaching a free video series. It's called: The Call To Adventure: Forging Your Path To $600. 

I'll be providing a map to get you to having absolutely no idea what you are doing to that first $600 -- no facebook ads, J/Vs or sacrificing your first born to do it.

Shenee Howard