How To Turn Casual Visitors Into Customers Quickly


I got a lot of emails asking how to make people aware of your offerings and the work you are doing without annoying people.

This week I wanted to talk about how the sales process usually works for people, the psychology behind it and how you can get people on the path to buying faster.

Keep in mind this is a strategy I used for a while for my 100 People Project (an offer I don’t send people to as much but it’s still good) that resulted in hundreds of sales.

The first thing you need to know is that most people go online because they are looking for something. They may or may not be conscious of what it is they are looking for but that’s what’s going on.

There is a question on their hearts and minds and they are hoping the internet will be the answer:

I’m bored, what is there to look at?
I am struggling with this script, how can I figure it out?
I got a new blender, what kind of recipes am I looking for?
I  hate all my clothes. What should I buy?

These are some of the questions people flock to the internet with and as a business it’s your job to make sure that you end up being the answer to their problem. I call these Star Results in Brand Bomb.

This is why SEO and all that can be so helpful (pinterest would be more helpful for you guys) because it finds those key words and sends people in those right direction.

Once google/instagram/facebook/whatever gives them a lead, they flock to some type of space on the internet.

This could be an opt-in page, a website or a video and the question asker reads through the content.

At that point they decide: is this person going to be helpful to me?

If so, they stick around and read some more. If not, they go watch cat videos.

Most people lose their audience right when they get the attention. A lot can go wrong at this stage.

  • The language on the site doesn’t make it clear that they are in the right spot so they assume they aren’t

  • The content feels totally random and unrelated and doesn’t make them want to stick around and keep reading

  • This is when you need to capture people’s attention and make sure that YOU are their next natural step.

The key? 

You must be clear, compelling, helpful and have a clear call-to-action that makes sense.

A few months ago I was working on my writing and I was really struggling to figure out story structure. I stumbled across a site that broke down existing movie structures and explained how and why they worked.

This was CLEAR because it showed me exactly what they did and how it worked. I could see how this site could help me because there was the evidence right there.

It was COMPELLING because it was a new way of looking at movies and I’d never seen it explained that way.

It was HELPFUL because it answered the big question I came to the internet with -- how do I structure things in a way that makes sense?

There was a clear CALL-TO-ACTION, a workshop that would teach me how to structure my own big ideas.

30 minutes later they had $250 from me and I was signed up for a workshop.

Right price. Right offer. Right problem match with their solution.

Are you making it easy for the people following you to go from discovery to buying from you?

Are you creating content that moves the needle in the direction of BUYING and not just having people hanging out?

Is your offer a clear call-to-action from the process they’ve ever gone through?

That’s your challenge for this week. Are all those pieces in place?


It’s the new year and time for my yearly new offering experiments. This is when I try out my new offers at a lower price for a select few people at the beginning of the year. My Brand Fix people know about this one, at the beginning of 2017 Brand Fix was 1750 and was 5k at the end of last year. 

It’s called Implement! (I dunno if that will be the name forever, it’s what I got right now) and it’s for people who are willing to do the work but need help with the actual brand implementation part. 

You’ll be working with me to build a simple sales funnel which is designed to get people aware of you and your offerings and take them through a simple sales process that will ensure that when people meet you they know about your offers, they know about you and they are ready to buy. 

In short -- clear, compelling, helpful and calls-to-action? I’ll do it for you, based on the Brand Bomb framework (the product is included for free). It’s $2250 with payment plan available  (Brand Fix is $5,000 right now) 

There are 2 options: 

Your Big Idea (If you have a product or service you want people to buy)
Opt-in Name + Description
Cocktail Line for spreading the word
Make Bank Plan Sequence Content Writing ( 3 Emails) 
10  Social Media Posts to promote yourself


Yourself (If you don’t have a product yet but want to get out there)
Brand Statement / Business Tagline
Opt-In Name + Description
Cocktail line for describing yourself
Intro to you email sequence ( 3 Emails) 
10 Personal Social Media Posts

This can also be customized but I’ll actually be writing these FOR you. You’ll do the Brand Bomb work, answer a few of my questions and talk to me and in a week I’ll come back with your written materials.

It’s $2250 for the first round of early bird participants and if you want to interview to get one of the spots, sign up for a 15 minute chat right here.

First come, first serve. I’ll be doing these for just a little while.

Sign up to interview for it here. 


Shenee Howard