35 Reasons Why People Didn’t Buy Your Last Offer


Making a sale? It’s not easy. Especially because there are hundreds of reasons why someone will or won’t buy something that you are offering. A lot of people will come to me with questions about why something isn’t selling and it could LITERALLY be anything.

Marketing and sales aren’t really just an art. It’s a science. There is a lot of experimentation, listening and working for consistent sales. It’s not just magic.

Here are 30-something (who knows how many I’ll end up with) reasons why you might have put out a sale and nobody hit the BUY button. Stick around till the end and I’ll share with you a simple process that will take care of most of this so you won’t have to worry about it.

  1. Your audience doesn’t need it right now and you haven’t told them why they SHOULD want it.

  2. Your opt-in isn’t a good fit for your offer

  3. People aren’t clicking on your emails so they aren’t even SEEING the offer

  4. You don’t like it -- It’s something you are selling because you need the money or it’s because everyone else is doing it but it doesn’t light you up so why would anyone else want to buy it?

  5. You don’t love the offer, you are only putting it out because you need money so you struggle to get excited about it

  6. They aren’t confident it will help them

  7. They have a lot of outside responsibilities and they aren’t making what you are selling a priority.

  8. You don’t like the offer you are only doing it because your mentor said you should

  9. Your offer isn’t tangible enough so people can’t see themselves in it

  10. There is no photo on your sales page so they have no clue who is selling it

  11. Your content doesn’t make people want to buy. It’s helpful and not sellable

  12. You don’t have strong calls-to-actions in your emails

  13. Your website doesn’t have a link to your opt-ins

  14. You like it but it doesn’t seem like it -- You are afraid to tell people they need it so you end up just making it seem like that thing you are selling isn’t actually all that important

  15. You are afraid of what might happen if someone might buy it

  16. You secretly aren’t doing the work you really want to do and should be doing something else

  17. Your list is full of people who aren’t ready to buy

  18. Your list is low-quality and isn’t responsive to your offers

  19. You haven’t landed on the offer that your audience will get SUPER excited about

  20. Your list is full of people who have bought a lot and don’t want to buy anymore but want to read your stuff

  21. You haven’t identified the right target market and your audience won’t buy from you

  22. Your offering isn’t “gotta have it”

  23. It’s too expensive and your sales copy doesn’t justify the price

  24. It’s too cheap so people figure why should they bother

  25. The sales copy makes no sense so people don’t know what the hell they are buying

  26. The sales copy makes TOO much sense and they don’t feel emotionally connected to the offer and don’t buy

  27. Your brand is confusing and so people are on your list for reasons that have nothing to do with why you are selling

  28. It’s a holiday

  29. They just bought something they regretted buying on amazon

  30. Their kids just pissed them off

  31. You don’t have enough social proof on your site

  32. They are convinced they can’t afford what you are selling and don’t need it because you haven’t convinced them otherwise

  33. The emails selling the offer don’t compel them to click so they never ever look at the sales page

  34. They are busy and had no clue you were even selling anything

  35. They stopped checking the email you use to send the offer

I know, it’s a lot. That's why you have to experiment a lot. You experiment with offers, names, taglines and launches until you land on what works MOST of the time.

It's very rare that something just SELLS automatically, even when everything else is really good. You have to test.

This is why I created my signature product, The Brand Bomb and why I do my Brand Fix sessions. My goal as a brand strategist is to know WHY people don’t buy and put structures in place to address them.

The truth is that not everyone will want to buy your offer but a lot of people WILL and aren’t even ready for it.

My goal is to get you ready.

Here are some ways to make sure your offering is READY for sales

  • Making sure your offer is in alignment with the audience so your offer is successful

  • Making sure that YOU are onboard with what you are selling so that you can market it with ease

  • Making sure you are standing out to the people who need it most

  • Making sure that the name, the tagline and the offering itself is sellable and will stand up to all of the reasons why people don’t buy

  • Making sure that the content and language makes people want to buy RIGHT NOW and not put it off until later

I call it building a “No-Brainer Offer” and you can watch my 45-minute masterclass on the topic right here. It’s 100% free.

Shenee Howard