Don't Make This Common Marketing Mistake

Don't Make This Mistake

Here's one of the inconvenient truths of marketing:


If you don't work, your business don't work. This is the hardest thing about being a business owner. If you have a bad day or bad week at a job, you still have that job! If you have a bad week in your business, that could mean no money for that week.

That's a problem because GUESS WHAT? We are all HUMAN. SUPER HUMAN. We aren't machines so that means that sometimes we aren't going to be at 100% all the time.

This is something that happened to me! I’ve been creating and writing content that I believe is truly helpful and is needed by the people reading it. I LOVE all the posts I’ve been sending. Feels top-notch.

But then I hit a wall. And I hit it hard.

All of that yummy and connected energy I felt and the passion and “oh yes” drained out of me and I am left with this feeling of stuckness and “what the point.”

This isn’t a good place to be as a business owner but it’s unavoidable. Everyone hits a wall where they feel like they have nothing else to give, nothing else to say and can’t help another person. It’s part of being human and it happens to ALL business owners, everyone just lies about it.

For me, my "hit the wall" moment meant that I had NO desire to promote the workshop I was SO excited to sell. 

And I KNOW better. I know that as a human person it is very likely that one of these days I’ll lose my mojo and that’s why you need INSURANCE in place.

That means that when you really feel passionate and turned on by your work, CREATE all the stuff you need to market it and sell it RIGHT THEN in the moment.

Because you never know when you’ll lose the spark. Get all your work done as soon as possible.

That’s why I usually have all my stuff locked and loaded. All of my truthbombs and strategy posts are always ready to deploy and help sales happen.

Don't make the mistake of marketing your business as you go along. 

This is essentially WHY I created the workshop in the first place. As humans, we can be REALLY HUMAN. If you are a business owner, you don’t have a JOB so even if you aren’t feeling it, you still have to sell the thing.

This is also the #1 reason why people run out of steam and want to quit so quickly. If you have to wake up every day and ask yourself: “what am I doing today?” vs knowing that it’s taken care of, it’s easy to burn out.

When you HAVE a marketing plan and it’s all created, you can have your bad days. You can LOSE your mojo and know that it’s going to be a-okay.

Learn from me -- I’m going to have to wait a little while to get the spark back so I can write some posts that will prove to you that this workshop will be the best investment you’ve made this year (and it will be).

Don’t be me!

Come to the workshop and build your sales-focused marketing plan from scratch in 1 day. I’ll help you get in the mood and GET INSPIRED to do the work. You only have 3 days to sign up and get the Copywriting guide to go along with the workshop. This will take you step-by-step through the process of building a great sales page for your offer.

You can get that here.

Shenee Howard