5 Must-Haves For Your Sales Copy


What makes a great sales page? I have written dozens over the years and I’ve realized that there is no one way to write a page. It’s all about experimentation. Sometimes long works and sometimes short works even better. I do know that there are 5 things that ALL good sales copy has, even if it’s just 400 words. Keep reading to find out:

A story that sets the offer and puts into context for the client

What is the story of the person who needs what you have? Try to be as specific as possible. It helps to focus on one type of person and think about what they are going through and talk about that in your copy. This is often referred as the “before” picture but the usual bullet points don’t always do the trick. You have to tell a story. There are a lot of people out there that do what you do and having this story makes your ideal customer stop and say YES, this person can help me. 100%

Here’s an excerpt of a story I tell in my sales copy:

The “have-nots” are the rest of us. People who do great work, get great results but are in super saturated markets, hate to ask for the sale or don’t have hair that is particularly shiny.

A clearly articulated statement of purpose

What is your offer for? What will they get when they decide to commit to what you are doing? Every great sales copy needs a really straightforward statement that tells people EXACTLY what you are selling and we the person reading should care. This needs to happen really high up on the page (sometimes it happens at the top) and you’ll typically see it repeated a few times throughout the copy. This appeals to the logical part of your reader’s brain. They want to know what it is and what it can do for them as quickly as possible.

Here’s an example from my sales copy:

Create a stress-free launch plan and one month of content in one day and start making sales now.

Here’s another one:

By The End Of 1 Day You’ll Have A Month Of Content and a Sales-Based Marketing Plan Designed To Sell Your Offer

Clear and specific results -- either stated by you or through case studies that help your customer picture themselves being successful at what you are helping them do

What are the results? What transformation can they expect to get? I know I have a lot of woo boos in the house and you are gonna say “but it’s not like that! The results aren’t tangible and what I do is really serious! I can’t say it like that”

You CAN. Tell a story about what their life will look like -- what it could like -- when they decide to make this commitment. You can illustrate this with testimonials too. Let other people tell the story.

Here’s an example from outside of my business:

Feel so good about yourself and feel so at home in your body that you will lose the desire to even improve it. You’ll love yourself so much you’ll let go of any diet program or intense exercise regime. You’ll just move and live in a way that feels good to you.

Now don’t you want some of THAT?

The answer to the question, “why you?”

What makes YOU the person to solve their problem? Do you have a lot of success? Do you have specific experience with what they are going through? Can you relate to them in a way they haven’t seen before? You want to really make it clear that not only this is a problem that needs solving but that YOU are the one who should solve it?

Example from my copy:

WRITING IS HARD -- especially if you don't do it for a living. It's a necessary evil as a business owner and everyone acts like you just know how to do it, right? I get it and over the years I've developed a library of the very best scripts and shortcuts that will have you churning out GREAT content, even if you don't consider yourself a "writer."

 A powerful call-to-action at the end

A lot of people struggle with this part. Once they get down to the buy button, ask yourself: what do they want to hear? What’s going to make them SO excited to take the plunge and hit buy? What’s going to bring it home for them?

Here is an example from my sales copy:

This model will get you out of the endless stressful cycle of trying to make money without the go-to “big launch” model and without me having to learn how to master the art of photography or look cute all the time because that will NEVER be me.

This workshop is for you if….

  • You have an offering that you want to sell (don’t take this workshop if you don’t have an offer!)

  • You are willing to put in the work and aren’t looking for an overnight solution (they don’t work)  

Those are the 5 characteristics ALL good sales copy have. Have you looked at your sales copy lately? Check them against these and see if you can improve what you are writing with a few tweaks and edits.

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Shenee Howard