Does your business need a quiz?


I’m a little quiz crazy. I currently have  5 quizzes you can take (look around the site and see if you can find them all) and I have plans for a few more. I LOVE quizzes and they are a great and low-commitment way to get people to opt-in without giving them a freebie or a resource. Have you thought about creating a quiz? COOL. Let’s see if it’s a good fit for you.

Do you even need a quiz? Can your business support it?

That’s the FIRST question you need to ask yourself about your business. I’ve taken a LOT of quizzes and the best ones for a business accomplishes a few goals:

  • They make sure customer wants to learn MORE about your business and not just do the quiz and move on

  • Make your offerings the next logical step for them after doing it

  • Make sense and positions you as an expert (no random/stupid quizzes!)

  • Give them TRUE insight into themselves that changes the way they see themselves and their situation.

Don’t do a quiz that isn’t going to fall within those categories, my friend. It’s a waste of time and you’ll end up with a lot of people on your list that will never buy.

The type of businesses that do best fall within a few categories:

You have a different approach or style to helping a few DISTINCT types of people.

My brand chemistry quiz is an example of a quiz like this. I have content and branding strategies that work better for 5 distinct types of people:

  • Thoughtleaders

  • Lifestyle brands

  • Teachers

  • Serial Businesses

  • Boutique Businesses

I created a quiz so that my clients can opt-in to whichever one is a good fit for them and DIVE DEEP into strategy for those types. You can take my Brand Chemistry Quiz here. 

Help people decide if YOUR offerings  are a good fit for your clients right now.

It’s a great way to get people to your offering quickly. My “Do You Need A Name” quiz does by having people answer a series of questions that will let you know if a name or tagline is needed for their businesses right now.

The last type of approach is to give your clients some insight about themselves so that they know you are the next thing they need.

For example, I created a quiz that let people know what income stream type is a good fit for their business. Once they find that out, they can sign up for one of my offerings designed to help them name and explain what that offer is and how to sell it.

Any of those resonate with you? AWESOME -- A QUIZ MIGHT BE A GREAT FIT FOR YOU!

Here are some action steps to get you started:

  1. Sign up for INTERACT, (it’s what I use, that's my special link) and look at some of their example quizzes to get some ideas

  2. Start brainstorming and RESEARCHING  some ideas about your quiz. What will the categories be? What’s the goal? How does it fit into the business picture?

Ways to research:
• Listen to old client interviews
• Look at what is already out there
• Make up the categories (you can flesh it out and define in the next step)
• Use your client avatars as guides
• Stalk on social media
• Do a survey
• Use your existing material and teaching
• What categories do you already put your people in?

Now go forth and be awesome! Create that quiz! I’ve gotten 10,000+ opt-ins from my quiz over the years. I can’t wait to see your results.

OH! AND ALSO! I created a guide for helping you create a quiz. It’s $50 and you can get it here.

Shenee Howard