25 Ways To Promote Your Product (Without Webinars)

25 Ways To Promote Your Webinar

Have you noticed that everyone promotes their products in the same way? We all do webinars or challenges, and that's about it as far as promotions go. As a result, it's easy to feel a little numb to the different promotions that come up. I love a good webinar as much as the next person (I have a few I've been cooking on) but there are other ways to sell your products and services.

Webinars are not the BEST way to promote products, but they are the most popular.  I took some inspiration from outside of the business world to find over 75 different promotional ideas -- none of which include a webinar or traditional challenge

  1. Create an app featuring your content so it’s always top of the mind
  2. Go on a Blog Tour: Reach new people with your message
  3. Create a walking tour featuring your material: Create a simple audio for any occasion (including walking)
  4. Host an Instagram Challenge: People love to DO things and also like to reach new Instagram followers
  5. Create a personal project that shows off your expertise: Brand strategy to the stars? New logos for 80’s movies? Productivity tips for the president? Be creative!
  6. Teach a free class: Show off what you can do, yo!
  7. Create a serialized podcast: Everybody loves addictive content
  8. Vlog your launch: Turn your life into a reality show that people ends with your product
  9. Coach/teach/help/share LIVE so people can see the impact of the work: Walk your talk
  10. Ask your clients to invite 5 of their friends with personal invites: Your best ambassadors are your customers
  11. Create an incredibly valuable mini-book: A piece of content they go back to over and over again
  12. 15-Minute Conversations: Reach out and talk to prospective customers
  13. Email Marketing Campaign: You know about this one!
  14. Product Giveaway: Give something away people will love
  15. Promotional Lookbook: Go super LUXE and create a beautiful full-colored lookbook people will drool over
  16. DIY Tutorials: Show people how to create something
  17. Promotional Video: Create a fun promotional video (doesn’t have to be fancy) to build buzz
  18. Radio Interviews: Local and online radio shows are ALWAYS looking for guests
  19. Blog Post Series: Create a month of themed blog posts to get people excited for your launch
  20. Twitter Chat: Create a twitter chat to engage and demonstrate what you can do
  21. Snapchat Workshop//Q&A: Talk to people LIVE
  22. Partner with a company that's a good fit: Reach out to a company (doesn’t have to be big) to help amplify your message
  23. Post your thing on Product Hunt: A great new way to find people outside of your niche
  24. Design custom coloring book pages with your logo with coupons attached
  25. Email everyone on your list and personally invite them to your new thing