3 Ways to Break Through the Launch Noise

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Here is the thing.

People are getting a lot smarter about their purchases. People are investing less (because of the way the market has exploded and people got screwed but that is a whole other story) and if you are feeling like it is a little harder to sell your thing, that is because it is! The market is just whacked.

Things are different now. You can’t just be GOOD anymore, you have to feel and be different. And because everyone is using the same strategies and tricks, it is a little difficult to stand out.

Basically, to your client, it’s like this:

This is where branding comes in.

You can market and sell all you want but if people don’t remember you, it won’t matter. -- Tweet this.

So my call next week is on Brand Style, and this is when having a good grasp on your own really helps.

It is for those times when you are out there launching your thing and you know 5 other people are selling the same thing.

So what does this look like? How do things change when you really figure out your business and brand style?

I’ll use myself as an example. My Brand Style is basically my guiding light. When I started using the brand chemistry types on my clients, I didn’t start implementing it for myself right away but once I did, everything shifted for the better. You can find these changes all throughout my business but let’s focus on my newsletter and how brand style has made this newsletter so popular.

1. Embracing my thoughtleaderness, full on.

There was a time when I was writing a lot of step-by-step blog posts. This is helpful but because I am a thoughtleader people are more attracted to my stories and my POV, the step-by-step tutorials were helpful but forgettable. They wouldn’t make you want to subscribe because there are LOTS of business writers who focus more specifically on resource/step-by-step posts (teachers, lifestyle brands) and ultimately are more natural at it.

Lesson: This is a HUGE problem with a lot of my clients. A lot of people embrace what is popular and what “works” and they get the traffic but don’t make the sales because that strategy isn’t a natural fit for their business and personality.

2. Making the newsletter a personal read

My newsletter isn’t particularly click baity with the topics each week. You read my newsletter because you want to, not because of a particular topic draw. Again, this is a style choice based off of who I am, my brand chemistry and how I want to show up. I have some clients I work with, and the topic is really the focus and the draw. People come because of that topic in particular and it is great because when one of my clients want to sell, the audience is already primed.

Lesson: Use your brand style to figure out how you should be writing your newsletter. It isn’t always about being super valuable. EVERYONE’s newsletters = valuable.

3. Strong POV on the world

So much of what I do with my newsletter is in direct opposition to the community around me. Again, this is a thoughtleader style choice too and really helps guide the way I do my posts and what I talk about. A lot of you guys comment on how you like how I tell the truth in my posts, and that is a huge part of the way I’ve decided to position my brand and my style. This is sometimes good and bad because often the truth costs me customers, but I always stick to it.

Lesson: What is your POV? What is the lens in which you see your industry and the world? This question changes depending on your brand chemistry type, of course. For example, for Serial I’d ask a question about your EXPERIENCE in the world.

Brand Style is a huge game changer when it comes to business. It is tempting to focus on learning to sell better and market more effectively but most struggles come from the fact that when people come to your site, they don’t FEEL inspired to be in your orbit. Getting clear on your branding helps make all that other stuff way easier.

Challenge: Look at some of your other favorite newsletters and take them through these three points. What is the brand chemistry style? What is the style of the newsletter? What is the POV?

Now think about how you can give your newsletter some of that awesome brand style energy.

And again, don’t forget! If you want to learn my process for figuring out your brand style, sign up for my class here. It is FREE!

Shenee’s Project Of The Week

APARTMENT DECORATING. I recently (after 10 months of traveling) applied for an apartment in Los Feliz, LA. I have no furniture. I have nothing, BUT I want to make sure the apartment looks cute. My last few apartments haven’t been, and I want to feel good about being home.

I’ve gotten a lot of help from friends, but it is still gonna be a big job.