5 Characteristics of a Killer Brand: Personality


Today we are talking about PERSONALITY! What makes a brand go vroom vroom? What makes you go back for more?

I am gonna show you the 3 ways you can add more personality to your branding right now. Ready?


What you'll learn:

  • how I use color to make my brand personality known
  • branding your products and services so they look like they could ONLY come from you
  • How to show personality on social media 
  • how to show who you are, even if you aren't a "hey girl, hey" type personality

Check this out!


In HBA, I'll be showing you how to integrate more YOU-NESS into your brand in very simple ways.


But that isn't all you are learning in Hot Brand Action, of course. You will be creating the copy for your site and developing a unique brand to help you along.  Have you seen my video? You can check it out here:

Hot Brand Action Promo Video from Cuyá Productions on Vimeo.



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