5 Simple Strategies For Accomplishing Business Goals In 2017

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! How was your time off, my friend? I watched movies and ate a lot of food and sat around because what a year, right?!?! 2017 can't come soon enough. Let’s just get straight to it, shall we? How do you make plans for 2017 so that big things ACTUALLY happen vs. just spending all your time planning and never making a dent in your big business goals? After many years of business having and helping, these are my tips:

Don’t bother planning for the whole year

Seriously, this is a WASTE of time, friend. Planning feels sexy and all that but all bets are off when you get into things and life starts to happen, right? I always have my clients do QUARTERLY planning because it’s easier to plan for a few months vs. ALL of the months. This also keeps you from overloading your year with a ton of crap that you’ll never get around to. It's really easy to make lots of plans for your business and overload because of the white space. Think small. Be focused. Your business is built one day at a time.

Get Real

The worst thing you can do is make plans for a version of yourself that does not exist. This is the thing most people do when it comes time to make a plan for the new year. Instead of planning based off of who they are, they think MAGICALLY, the new year will provide them with more time, less kids, more willpower and less baggage to make space for the business you want to make happen. Nope. Most likely, you will be the same person you are right now that you are in the new year. This is okay, btw because you are awesome.

The key to making your business happen despite all of those things that get in the way. Knowing yourself and the things going on in your life, what is a realistic goal or vision for the next step in your business? What should you build/create next?

This industry spends a lot of time telling you to change but really, business success isn’t about personal change, it’s about resilience. Who is the most committed? Who wants this the most? Who really has a vision for their business?

Be specific.

The next step is to make sure you are touching the 4 parts of business, essential for seeing actual tangible growth. Marketing Branding Offers Growth

This is what I call the GRID o’ business. Whenever I work with a client or do a class or course or anything else, my focus is on these 4 specific areas.

Branding: How am I growing my reputation, showing people I am an expert? Marketing: What am I doing to make money? Growth: What things do I have to do to grow? Offer: What am I offering? What am I working on?


Break it down

Once you figure out what you are going to do, DON’T STOP THERE. This is the problem with all new years resolutions. It feels good to state that thing you are going to do but it’s way less sexy to break it down into actual steps that will help you make sure things happen. Under each of your goals you should have steps and a timeline to get it done. Otherwise, your plan will most likely never get out of the “planning stage.”

And finally......

Don’t get off on planning

Planning is not meant to be a big event, it’s a process that is designed to get you a very specific result, which is taking action. I’ve noticed that there is so much hype around the planning part of the new year and I believe it’s that buzz and excitement that ultimately makes it hard for people to actually commit to making their goals happen. Set your intentions and figure out what you are going to do in the new year and MOVE on into starting the process of actually doing it.

I repeat, set your business intentions and goals and START MOVING ON THEM, friend.

I want to know, what are you up to this year? What do you want to accomplish?

I actually have a few slots open in January for 1-on-1 work and I wanted to do something a little different so I’m offering 2017 Business Clarity Sessions.

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