56 Words To Avoid In Your Copy + Woo Boss Podcast -- Episode 1: Language


The podcast is back! Well, kind of! The podcast is back but it's a little different. Say HELLO to the Woo Boss Podcast. What is the Woo Boss Podcast? A weekly bite-sized podcast with strategies and tips for the woo-based business. In addition to solo podcasts from me, I'll also be interviewing other business owners about their paths to success with inspiration for the aspiring woo-based business.

The first episode is on LANGUAGE for the woo-based brand. I talk a lot about avoiding some of those fluffy words that hold your copy back from being awesome but today I am going to go into detail about the WHY behind all of my talking about it.


You can listen to the first podcast over on Soundcloud (while we wait for Itunes) right here. I also put together 56 Words To Avoid In Your Copy, a cheat sheet for woo bosses with fluffy copy. You can grab that here. Click Here



My newsletters will be moving to The Woo Boss Collective -- I want them to be way more in-depth and detailed about what I am working on in my business. Every week I'll be posting a preview from that newsletter and this one I'll be sending next week.

I started having fantasies of starting over in 2014.

I would imagine a clean slate and a fresh start, a reset with everything that went along with it.  My ego was not on board with that plan. After all this time and all that I’d built, I grew attached to being the type of entrepreneur with a specific list size which meant a specific level of success.

I used it as a measuring stick for my worth even though I always told my clients to NOT DO THAT. We recently moved to Ontraport and I still had the itch to make a big change and start over. The fantasies returned. 

 What if I just started over? How can I build what I had already built OVER again?

So many of my clients are too afraid to let go of things that aren't a 100% fit.  I didn’t want to admit it but I HAVE THAT FEAR TOO. I knew I needed some new energy and so I decided to reset my marketing and content strategy.

Here is the progress I've made so far: 





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