6 Ways to Stop Talking and Start DOING

So if you have been around for any amount of time, you have noticed something about me. I move fast. I write products quickly. I create services quickly. I have an idea and BOOM it’s out.


I do have lots of systems in place to help this happen BUT most often I find that it’s never that people CAN’T move quickly, it’s that they won’t because they can’t wrap their head around releasing new things out into the world without the drama.


So let’s talk about the internal jazzercise required to get yourself out there and start DOING stuff.


1. Lower the stakes


If every launch is going to be life or death it’s gonna be hard to get stuff out quickly because you WANT things to be perfect. If you have money coming in from another source, you don’t have to worry about everything you do. You can create. You can be picky. You can get clear without the worry of putting food on the table.


This is what I tell everyone: DO NOT be in a rush to quit your job.


Jobs are AWESOME. Insurance is awesome. Paychecks are awesome.


Be THANKFUL for your job and allow it to give you the freedom to create without stress.


I have a good baseline going with my business so I just GO. I do whatever I want because I know I won’t go to the poor house if something does NOT work out.


2. Get OVER yourself


So many people get so caught up in analysis paralysis and fear and perfection and here is the thing I need you to know:


Nobody cares that much.


Think about your life and all of the things you have to do on a regular basis. Think of all the content that you read every single day.


Most people don’t sit and watch one person for hours and hours at a time waiting for something to happen.


Here’s the thing: if you put out an offering if it doesn’t work, take it down. If you create an opt-in that doesn’t work. Change it.


And if someone asks you about that offering, tell them that you don’t offer it anymore. That’s it.


Stop obsessing over things that most people will not notice.


I put up offerings and take them down on a regular basis.


Did you notice?


Didn’t think so.


Here is the thing you need to understand, so much of fear is EGO. Will I look stupid? People will make fun of me. Blah blah blah.

It’s like when you are at the beach and you think people are staring at your fat rolls or some scar on your back.


Actually, I am sitting in the corner reading 50 Shades of Grey and drinking. That is what I am doing.


This leads me to another point.


3. Nothing is permanent


Your decision is rarely the final one. And things change. If you make a decision that turns out not to be right, you can change your mind. As business owners, we aren’t forced to do anything.


That’s why we are doing this.


To have glorious freedom. So be free, damn it.


Put it out and trust that if it isn’t right, you can take it down.


4. The Internet is a PLAYGROUND -- start playing


The internet is a glorious place. You can create. You can destroy. You can do whatever you want. Just look at youtube.


Don’t feel confined by the “rules” or “strategy” give yourself the chance to experience what makes the internet so glorious. It’s the fact that you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT.


5. Give yourself the permission to not have all the answers


The biggest problem is that people don’t know what the hell they are doing or what they want and so they are afraid to do anything.


You can’t get clarity without first giving yourself the permission to not know it all right now.


No one is gonna smack you across the face with all the answers.


So you have to explore. You have to do things.


And so that’s what I do. If I want to get clear, I don’t sit and talk about it -- I do something. I write an email series. I write a post. I do a free call. These are the things you have to do to get closer to the business you want to be.

Creating things really quickly comes mostly from embracing this process and knowing that the more you do, the clearer you will get.


And this leads directly to the final point:


6. Feel the fear and do it anyway


I don’t believe in fearlessness. I think waiting to NOT be afraid means waiting forever. Instead, you have to decide that YES I AM F-ING SCARED and know that you have to do something anyway.


You HAVE to do or you will never know anything.


Now I want to hear from you! What are some of your tips for getting stuff out and what are some revelations or aha moments you’ve gotten from this post?


Let me know in the comments!