Avoid These 5 Email Marketing Mistakes

Avoid These 5 Email Marketing Mistakes.jpg

Business is art and science.

It’s an art because it requires a lot of experimentation, innovation and strong mindset to get right. It’s a science because you also need to experiment with what works and there are some things that work...because science.

While it might FEEL LIKE most marketers are totally random with their email sending, there is a science (and an art) to the types of emails you get in your inbox and most entrepreneurs don’t actually know how to send an email that will result in sales outside of a launch scenario.

I imagine you’ve been writing emails for YEARS now and you might get sales every once-in-a-while from your emails but not really. This is a huge reason why you might not send emails on a regular basis. What’s the point of it? Emails CAN be fun and profitable if you do them right.

Before we dig into that, let’s take a step back and talk about  WHY most emails you send don’t result in the sales you want.

Nobody buys from your emails because….

You aren’t consistent with your content.

If you haven’t been emailing for a while and you magically decide to send a sales email….it won’t work. It never works.

You are asking them to do to many things at once.

You want them to follow your instagram, watch your facebook story and read your post….then if they have time they can go check out your services. Humans can handle one activity at a time.

You are sending emails that are totally NOT YOU

Let me be clear...I’m not saying that you need to hide behind your fear of selling and avoid all suggestions of your offerings but there is a fine balance that exists between sharing your work authentically and being straight-forward about how you help. You don’t want to completely abandon what makes you special to make the sale.

You are sending emails that position you as just a free resource

You give away the FARM when it comes to content and as a result, nobody feels compelled to buy because they are already getting everything they need either from your emails or your social media posts. People love free stuff.

You aren’t talking about your offers at all

You go weeks and weeks without promoting anything and wonder why you don’t have sales. FRIEND! People forget! People are SUPER busy! It’s okay for you to remind them why you are their next best step.

Those are all of the reasons why you AREN’T selling with your emails but I have good news  -- none of that really matters. You don’t actually have to be awesome at email ALL the time to make your business successful.

You just need to make sure that at least one email and one post a month directs people to your paid offerings. The rest of the emails should still be what your customers want to read (otherwise they won’t open them) but don’t have to be so sales focused.

In the next post I’m gonna break down the 3 types of emails you can send to your list with a focus on making at least one sale, no matter how much the offer is.

In the meantime, check out your last few emails. Are you making the mistakes I lay out here?

Shenee Howard