7 Tips For Creating Powerful Blog Posts (That Get Shared)

This one is for the thoughtleaders. If you are a thoughtleader you’ll most likely feel the pull to PREACH. Lay it down! Speak the good word. Say it!

But where do you start? And what do I mean when I say PREACH?

By PREACH, I mean your clients throw their hands and yell PREACH because it's just so real, so true and so easy to get behind.

The PREACH post is all about you, calling upon your people and telling the world what you know to be true from your point-of-view and identifying with their struggle, whatever that might be.

I am a thoughtleader so I write a lot of these posts and it is mostly because I want to make sure people know how I roll before they decide to join the party.

As a thoughtleader, it's your job to write so that people know your writing before they see your name. Tweet this.

You are a passionate creator and superstar, right? Time to show it off.


1. Start calling people out

Thoughtleaders for the most part, have strong points-of-view on things. We have a tendency to go against the flow of everyone else. Sometimes thoughtleaders struggle with actually TALKING about this stuff. You see ______ and ______ saying _______so how can you say something else? Here is the deal: there is a good chance that what makes you really angry makes someone else really upset too. Talk about it. That is how you start being seen as a leader vs. someone who just gives advice. It is true what people say. There are a LOT of people out there doing the same thing you do. Calling out what is wrong with your industry is a good way to stand out. Again, if you notice it, I am sure other people get it too. You are very rarely completely alone in your thoughts, despite the fact we all think we are unique sunflowers. Use this to your advantage. Rally your people to you.

2. Don’t stand down

There have been several instances of big named people getting triggered by the way I talk and do things in business. It is INTIMIDATING to see someone who seems super successful take time out of their day to call you out on your opinion but guess what? This is a good thing. It does not feel good because we all want to be liked but here is the deal:

People only have something to say about people who have something to say. -- tweet that, yo.

You know that thing you want to write and say that you think will offend/worry/trigger someone? Say it. Leaders become leaders because they are fiercely loyal to their point-of-view.

Be fiercely loyal to your own point-of-view. Tweet this!

3. Talk about things that are happening right now

Thoughtleaders see their message in EVERYTHING. I see branding and business lessons everywhere I go. I can’t turn it off. I am sure it is the same way for your message too. Start by writing something that inspired you. Are you a yoga teacher that has slowly started to hate the word yogi? Tell us why. A branding coach that hates the idea of Instagram even though everyone keeps talking about it (follow me on Instagram here!), let us know why.

So much of thought leadership is about responding to the things that are happening right now. See something in your industry that you don't care for? Take some time out and talk about it. Offer your opinion. Say what you need to say.

I regularly speak out about the lameness of old-school sales pages and the conspiracy that exists within info-product and digital course developers in my market. I also hate a bunch of other stuff about business development. Everyone is a part of an industry and no one likes EVERYTHING about it. What do you hate that happens everyday? Are you a raw foods wizard who HATES juicing? That's something.

4. Don't force it

If you are writing about something you are passionate about and it's like pulling teeth, STOP. Come back to it when you feel fired up about it again. I can't tell you how many times I have ruined a perfectly good post by trying to soldier through writing it. Those posts NEVER come out right. They lack authority because you didn't feel authoritative when you are writing it. Write when the inspiration strikes you.

Here is my trick: write, write and write some more when that inspiration strikes you and then go back and edit later. Don’t sit down and write because you should.

5. Stop reading so much

Our point-of-view gets diluted when we read a lot of books and pay too much attention to what other people are doing. Variety is the spice of life. Read fiction. Check out a design blog or read about pop culture. That way you are taking in the world without watering down your point-of-view by playing the compare game. If visiting a site makes you insecure, stop going!

If following someone makes you feel weak, stop following. -- Tweet this!

6. Speak the TRUTH

I won't call upon authenticity here, but I will say this: If you write 100% from YOUR truth, you are golden. Not the universal truths of the universe or the truths of your industry. Your truth. You are not obligated to be politically correct or perfectly researched. Leave that to someone else. POV posts are purely emotional. Don’t try to cater to those, “yeah but what about…..” opinions. You can talk to them in the comments later. Or not. Oprah doesn’t read her comments.

7. Invite them to take ACTION

Once you write your post, it stops being just your story and becomes EVERYONE'S story. Give them something to do. Don't just gather them around a cause and have them stare at you. How can you ask them to take up your cause alongside you, fighting the good fight?

Now go PREACH, my sister (or extra cool brotha)! And if you do, let me know! I want to see how they come out! If you like this post, please share it! I think we all need some more REAL TALK in our life.

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