My plan for turning my business into a million dollar brand

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Okay, where do I even begin? 

I always viewed entrepreneurship as something that had limits and a ceiling. Six figures? Okay. Seven figures? What? No way. You couldn’t, not if you still want to create excellent value for your customers. Not unless I sell my movie (I'm going to sell it, by the way). I thought it was something I could never be capable of because of a bunch of silly stories  I made up about being a millionaire in this space. 

But honestly the only person putting limits on what was possible was me, and I was making decisions that only held me back and kept me in this space where I was in survival mode. Not because I wasn’t making good money but just because that’s how I lived and it never mattered how much money I made.  Those problems just expanded to fill out whatever space I was currently taking up. I’d make 40k in a month, and  I’d load up my team and buy all this stuff so that I still felt broke and like I was still struggling even when I wasn’t, and I didn’t have to be. I thrived at feeling like an underdog and this warrior for truth in my industry which also meant I couldn't make more than six-figures. 

I’ve finally had enough. 

The other day I decided that I was going to turn Hey Shenee into a million dollar business and that I never want to feel like I’m in survival mode in my business….ever again. I don’t want to have to worry about money anymore -- either self-imposed mindset or actual money. Period. End of story. 

I’ve played around with revelations and changes with my business before but nothing like this. Just like the beginning of the year when I decided that I was going to be a writer and that I didn’t eat shitty foods anymore….I decided that I’m going to be a millionaire and that’s it. I am so sure of it. I am so confident in that fact, and I’ve gotten a lot of resistance from people. The response is always "you go girl, but if we are realistic..." 

That's how I KNEW I shifted. 

 I thought this would be a perfect time to pick up from last week and talk about my plan for making a million dollars in my business and the shifts I'm making in myself to make sure I can do. 

I'll briefly talk strategy --

Simply Profitable Business Lab (formally Dedicated To Done), my 4-month mastermind is to be my all-star program and the center of my brand. It will run all the time, and my goal is to grow it to $100,000 in income a month. 

Money Words Monthly, which is in pre-launch stage with my current members will go up to 97/month in price (eventually, with some tweaks and updates but don't worry current MWM peeps, it won't change for you) with a goal of 500 people at a time. 

How long will that take? No idea. I'd like to be there by 2022. Do I want to barf typing that out to you admitting it out loud? YEP. YES, IT DOES. But here we are! Are you excited? I am.  I'll talk more in-depth strategy as I implement and test new things out. Why not me, right? 

Challenge for you: put together your million dollar business map. What would it take for YOUR business to become a million dollar brand? 

Let's talk MINDSET and business design. These are great tips for getting to your next level -- your first client or your first 50k or even if you want to ride the wave with me to a million dollars, here are the things I’m doing: 

1. Commit to perfecting and growing 1-2 offers and getting rid of everything else

 I’m not getting rid of them, but I’m not going to promote them anymore. Everything in my extensive collection of resources and guides will retire or go into my existing offers. Same goes for ALL THOSE FREEBIES. Phew. Right now I'm moving all of my courses and programs to one place and getting everyone organized and set up.  Crystal clarity and focus is the only way you can build up real wealth. 

Question for you: What offers can you get rid of so you can build a sleeker business and make it easier for you marketing-wise? 

2. Make sure my offers are priced to get me in alignment with the money I want to make.

Except for my 1-on-1 work, I’ve always been a pretty defensive pricer and based my pricing on the responses of other people or what people were complaining about in the market. Is that course $2000? Well, I give all this 1-on-1 attention and feedback and run your business for you, and it’s $1500!!!! HOW ABOUT THAT? 

Yeah, no more of that.  No good. 

I price according to my lifestyle and the value it provides and offers fantastic free content and resources for people who can't afford to work with me  1-on-1. 

Question for you: Are my offers even built so that I can LIVE and THRIVE or am I being paid to survive? 

3. One client. One type of problem

I’m a massive hypocrite for this one because this is what I teach my clients, but I still wanted to create stuff for everyone and be there for everyone, but again, it’s impossible to build up momentum doing things that way. It’s great for the creative brain, but it’s BAD for the business to be constantly shifting. It’s good for the first 2-3 years because it takes time to settle but eight years? Come on Shenee. I know what I do, I know what I’m best at...let the rest of that shit go. It’s so much easier to market to one person and then move on. 

So, here we go:

I help entrepreneurs who have willed their business to moderate success with hustle and drive but can’t seem to bridge the gap to more significant profits, and they are tired of the business grind and craziness that got them there. I help them develop the message that attracts their right audience and create the offers that feel like a godsend for their perfect client along with the words that will help them sell it. 

That’s my focus right now. 

Who do you serve? What are your one client and one problem? 

4. Outsource the parts of my business I’m not good at -- especially if it negatively impacts my work with my clients

We are systematizing EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING so that I’m in charge of as little as possible outside of my actual work with my clients so that we can still delight our customers without me being directly responsible for it all because I’m great at doing the job, I’m not good at doing any of the emails and logistics. I’m a creative, and I need to stop pretending like I’m not. P.S -- You can’t outsource the basics (who am I what do I do) so don’t try! I go to my asana, and I do what’s there. I can’t coordinate!  

What do you need to get off your plate so you can focus on attracting and serving your right people? 

5. Let it go. 

Confession: I felt myself choking up every time I talk about this part so going to try to keep it together. I was holding on to a LOT. A lot of stories. A lot of mistakes. A lot of everything. I am a Vulcan, so I carry a lot of emotions inside me, and I was letting a lot of what has happened 2-3-4 years ago negatively impact what I’m doing now. I made assumptions about different people and what they did or didn’t think about me. I isolated myself because of some fears I had about my industry and what people thought. I’m taking a deep breath and letting it all go and trust if it’s something I need to address now, I’ll hear about it, and if not, that means I get to let it go. I shouldn't be carrying any of that around anymore.  A lot of those feelings of “am I worthy of making that much money” and “do I have the skills that are deserving of that much money” kept coming up, and I have released it all. Finally. Ahh, feels good. 

Hi, I’m Shenee, and I’m fantastic. Not question mark. 

What do you need to release? What stories do you need to let go to become who you need to be? 

6. This is my #1 priority

I always have a lot going on but my goal of 1 million is my #1 priority, and it’s where my energy is going. Whenever I do anything, I will ask myself -- “is this going to get me on the path to 1 million” or is it a distraction? Is it holding me back? Am I making excuses? Whenever I’m afraid to do something (like opening myself to interviews or creating a new facebook group), I ask myself if I’m serious about my goal or do I just like the idea of it? Am I committed to making this a real thing or not? What type of guidance do I need to make this happen? What do I need to know and learn? How can I check my ego at the door and be present in my business so I can make sure I get there? 

Challenge for you: put together your million dollar business map. What would it take for YOUR business to become a million dollar brand?

The Simply Profitable Business Lab (formally Dedicated To Done) is a four-month mastermind for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to launch less and profit more by building a simply profitable business. If you want to learn more, watch this video.


Money Words Monthly: A once-a-month campaign to help grow your business and make money each month. This one has a BIG price hike coming so check it out now. 

I'll be back soon with more! Talk to you soon!