Why Business Owners Get Stuck In Their Businesses (And What To Do)

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Hi there, before we get started, I have an announcement, applications for Simply Profitable Business Lab are open. It’s a 4-month business and message refining experience for businesses who want to streamline their businesses but still profit. I’m opening applications for the August class. We have four spots available. You can learn more here. 

Why do businesses get stuck and stalled out? Every business strategist has a different theory. Some say it’s ads. Some say it’s the sales call. Some say it’s the list size. And you know what? They are all right. It can be all of those things but do you know WHY those things become an issue? A lack of clarity in your messaging and branding. 

Don’t believe me? Let’s follow the train on each line of thought: 

I’m not selling anything because people aren’t signing up for my list
They aren’t signing up for your list because your opt-in isn’t strong enough
It’s not strong enough because it’s most likely too general
It’s too vague because you haven’t pinpointed what your audience really wants
You haven’t figured it out because you have no idea...you are just creating

Nobody buys when I have my consultation calls
Nobody buys because the right people aren’t coming to your calls
Nobody buys because during your calls you aren’t making a good case for why your offer can help them right now
You struggle to have the right people on your calls because your brand is bringing in the wrong people
You are bringing in the wrong people because you haven’t made it clear who your brand is and isn’t for

I’m not selling more because of facebook ads…..
A Facebook ad only works if your copy is good and resonates with a specific audience
It just resonates with a particular audience if you know who you are talking to
You only know who you are talking to if you know what message you want to send and what they will like

I’m not selling because people don’t respond to my emails when I send them…
People don’t respond to your emails because they don’t care about what you are talking about
They don’t care because what you are offering isn’t what they need
They don’t want what you need because your opt-in and content inspired them to click but wasn’t in alignment with that you offer
It’s not in alignment with your offer because you aren’t clear on how your message can connect to your offer

Should I keep going? Most problems (even MY PROBLEMS) are solved once the brand message is clear. Most brand issues are solved when you feel confident in your value, your positioning and what you offer to the world. 

A lot of business owners who get to the 2 or 3-year mark have to face a decision: 

"Who am I going to serve?"
"What am I really about?" 

Over the years this business owner flirts with working with a lot of different types of people, and it’s tempting to be reactive. You see a need and create an offer, and that keeps you going but it’s not sustainable, and you don’t feel like your business is growing. It’s more like going in circles. 

The best way to get unstuck in your business? Ask yourself how you can go deeper. How can you wrap yourself around a specific problem? How can you go more in-depth with a particular type of person? How can you make your message even clearer? That usually helps untangle things and makes everything else WAY easier. I also find this helps to sell an existing offer that isn’t selling as well anymore. It’s easy to keep the offer the way it is but a shift in focus opens the door to more potential customers. 

There is this moment after a client gets their branding and messaging figured out. I call it a brandgasm. Suddenly everything flows out so quickly. The blog posts feel easy. The sales conversations flow effortlessly. It's not always easy, but the brandgasm gives the business owner confidence and clarity to keep going, even when things get tough.

Most business owners NEVER get to this part. Instead of confidently moving forward and making bank, you might end up running your business like this: 

  • Every time you talk to someone new you are changing EVERYTHING 
  • You send emails but nobody responds to them, and it feels like nobody cares 
  • Your sales are inconsistent...when someone gets you they are IN, but when they don't it's impossible to make the purchase. 
  • You write ads, and they don't work, and you have no clue why so the money keeps getting wasted 

As a result, you go around in circles buying product after product and watching webinar after webinar hoping that THIS will be the answer. Maybe you take the leap and invest with a coach or join a mastermind promising 6 or 7 figure success. 

The truth is that you don't need MORE information. You don't need MORE strategies or tricks or tech tools. You need to focus on your core and get clear on your business.

Sure, lots of products and services spend a little time on the branding and messaging but quickly move on to different topics to give you a comprehensive experience.

This SOUNDS nice but in most instances, the branding, messaging and offering design isn't given the time and space it needs. Most strategists don't want to deal with the details of figuring out an offer AND prefect the language and messaging to sell it. 

The result? You power forward think everything is figured out but don't get the results you want and wonder why. 

Like I mentioned at the top of the email, The Simply Profitable Business Lab is taking applications for the August class. 

What makes this experience so unique? 

We are focusing on that CORE that leads to success with everything. This experience is designed to help you get clarity on your brand, and 1-2 core offers designed to SELL. It's not a general business program, and we are going deep on messaging, branding and language that will sell. 

 We spend four months just on THAT. 

You can learn more by checking out this PDF.


Why Businesses Get Stuck In Their Businesses And What To Do



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