5 Questions All Businesses Need To Answer

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Hey Friend!

"What do you think?" My mom showed me a pair of super cozy leather sandals from TJ-Maxx. I looked down at her current footwear. While slightly varied in color (a light brown vs. a lighter brown) both shoes were the same. 

I gave her a look and she shrugged. "I guess you are right. I have a pair of these already." 

What a great example of how business works in a competitive market. People always ask me why one thing sells and another thing doesn’t and the answer lies in this core principle. 

You never NEED two of the same thing. 

That doesn’t mean you won’t get two of the same thing. My mom doesn’t just have one pair of those light brown shoes, she has about 4 but it’s because she liked something different about each pair. 

There’s the pair with the ULTRA cozy padding that feels like walking on air. 

There’s the pair with the silver accents that have a bit of a flair. 

When you are selling something, people have the same conversation in their head. "Don’t I already have this?"

"Don’t I already know this?" 

So much of the marketing you’ll do is convincing people that they don’t actually already have what you are selling and they need what you have. 

Why do they need what YOU have? Well, that’s up to you to figure out. That’s where the messaging and the marketing comes in. You can’t just throw up a link for something and hope people just buy it. Chances are, they already have some variation of it already. 

Think about your offer. What makes you different? I’m sure you’ve heard of the Blue Ocean Strategy Map. It’s a framework for comparing yourself to other businesses on factors like price, market, and accessibilities. 

While I LIKE the Blue Ocean Strategy Model, I prefer to approach your unique selling proposition from a branding perspective with my "This Is Why I’m Hot" questions.

Here are some questions to answer to help you get clear on your branding position:

  1. What can I do those other people in my field CAN’T do?

  2. What are they not WILLING to do that I will do?

  3. What do I focus on that other people don’t?

  4. What type of person can I REALLY HELP in a way other people can’t? Why? 

  5. What keeps the type of person I help from succeeding in using other methods? What makes my way best for a specific person?

Here are my answers for my signature product, Money Words Monthly

  • What can I do those other people in my field CAN’T do? Create scripts that work for a wide range of people while also being flexible enough to work well with different industries. 

  • What do I focus on that other people don’t? I focus on making the scripts SUPER simple and straight-forward. I focus on making sure the scripts don’t just work but FEEL like you.

  • What are they not willing to do that I will do? Create scripts that work for non-marketers 

  • What type of person can I REALLY HELP in a way other people can’t? Why? I’m really great at helping people who KNOW they need to make more sales but don’t want to do it in a gross way. I’m really great at breaking things down and making each script SUPER easy to use right away. I’m really great at teaching the WHY behind the copywriting without totally overwhelming people. 

  • What keeps the type of person I help from succeeding in using other methods? It’s too much marketing speak and they aren’t professional marketers. While they might buy the tools, they will never actually use them because they are busy, overwhelmed, and don’t want to add something to their to-do list. 

How does this translate to my copy? Let’s play with one of my scripts from Money Words Monthly

God, I’m so tired of watching people copy their mentors with their copy and emails. Suddenly yoga teachers and nutritionists all sound like the same bro marketer they’ve been following. Truth time, soulful business owners: You can’t copy the bro marketers and expect to make the same money they brag about making. Repeat it with me: It just DOES NOT WORK. 

This drives me crazy because most people will waste lots of time and energy trying to use their swipe files and copy, only to realize that the copy never ends up sounding like them. TOTALLY frustrated and like a failure when their audience ignores them or unsubscribes because they are so turned off. Ugh. You end up thinking you are doomed to never succeed and that only marketers and make money. It’s not your fault if you tried it their way and it didn’t work. 

While scripts are a GREAT shortcut for non-copywriters, you have to find the RIGHT ones. You can’t use a script that was used to sell a launching course to sell your essential oils or your meditation program. You need copywriting help with your target market in mind. 

(PSTTTT like that copy? You can have it!

Your turn to answer the questions. What makes your offering TRULY unique? What do you do that nobody else can? Now look at your copy. Is that clear? 

Most people only scratch the surface and never really make a compelling case for their offers and then wonder why nothing sells. Are you selling brown sandals to someone who already has them? THAT IS THE QUESTION. 

Making a compelling case for your offers doesn’t have to be crazy difficult. It’s just about using the right words to make your case. Money Words Monthly is designed to help you make it easy. 

When you sign up you’ll get a monthly week-long campaign you can use to push your offers each month. You can sign up for it here! 

P.S - Do you want me to personally make sure your copy is REALLY good? I’m inviting 10 people to do a private copywriting mentorship with me. I’ll work with you personally to prefect your campaigns each month. You can sign up for Money Words Monthly to start.

-- Shenee

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