How to Build a Business That Lets You Have a Life


THIS WEEK! Something a little different!

It is pretty awesome that Rachel Cook asked me to write for the Business That Loves You Back Tour because I am in the middle of an experience that is all of what this is about.


I am currently traveling around California. In fact, I am writing this post while sitting outside in the Malibu Mountains surrounded by dogs, chickens, and pigeons.

I have recently dubbed myself MOUNTAIN SHENEE.

It is safe to say that 2 years ago, this would have been kind of impossible.

I have spent a lot of my business being shackled to my computer, obsessing over emails and making sure that I was available at all times and at all places for everyone. I hustled. I worked. Blah blah blah. This is what most entrepreneurs go through in the beginning because it is the message we are all given.


While I always encourage my clients to make it happen and commit, there is a huge difference between being busy and actually doing work.

And this, my friend, is where having a business that loves you back can actually happen.

You have to define the difference between the things that are going to actually help your business and the things you just do.

This starts with the design of your day.

Let’s lay out the before picture: My to-do list was LONG. I’d often wake up to a page long list of tasks that I had to do to make things happen. I’d work and work and work and still feel like I was just barely reaching “slightly overwhelmed” instead of “OMG WTF.”

And don’t get me started on the launches. My friends would never see me, and I’d gain 5 pounds from the endless takeout and ice cream runs to deal with all of the stuff I had to do.

I was working and working to accomplish some unknown goal, and it was killing me.

Then I had a shift. About a year and a half ago I started giving myself 3 big things to do every day instead of loading up my to-do list with an overflowing lists of tasks like I usually did and everything changed for me.

My business grew. I made progress. Nothing exploded. And I still had time to catch up on my favorite shows.

I slowly but surely was able to see my life as a big thing full of movie dates, happy hours, long walks and taco truck runs instead of lots of work with maybe one day a week where my friends could actually see me.

I was able to make big decisions in my life (like moving! pursuing screenwriting! solo travel!) that before seemed like “but only when my business gets to be _______” decisions.

My business made space for life to happen.

Because, here is what most of us do:

We spend a lot of our day doing shit that doesn’t really matter that much. We facebook. We read posts and resources that we think are supposed to “help” us. We procrastinate (I STILL procrastinate). We see what everyone else is doing.

And most of the time, we don’t get that much done.

So how do you have a business that loves you back?

You do more of what matters in your business each day and, as a result, you have more time to live.

And most of the time those BIG THINGS that matter don’t take all day. Maybe once a week they might but not every day.

You also start to define what success looks and feels like for you. I remember wanting to be the next big thing but realizing that when I looked at the things I really wanted to spend my time doing, my business would look a little different and as a result helped form the business I want to have today.

Think about all of the things you have on your plate and ask yourself some questions:

Is this action going to help get me clients? How is this going to grow my business RIGHT now? How is this going to impact my business later?

If it doesn’t align with those three questions, maybe leave it for another day. I usually take Mondays as my admin days. I take action on emails, I update things, deal with customer service, blah blah blah.

I also have great help. My partner-in-implementation, Annie, helps me live more of my life by doing the things that don’t necessarily give me energy.

So that is a little peek of how I created a business that loves me back. Tomorrow, Shawn is going to give insights on the topic of having a business that can love you back and don’t forget to go back and check out Alexia’s post too.

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