5 Tips For Finding Your Business Besties


The self-employed life is LONELY. 

You go from being around people all the time to asking your dog for advice on what opt-in to choose because you haven’t seen anyone except your food delivery guy in days.

In order to combat that I’ve curated a really great group of business friends who will send me a YouTube video when I am feeling upset, tell me to take a shower during launch mode and send me GIFs of Theo James when I am feeling sad. They also tell me which opt-in to use. My dog is so relieved. 

In my opinion, having trusted business advisors who get you, get your business and genuinely like you WITHOUT having to get paid is essential.

I’ve talked to a lot of clients that have “business friends” and I realize that this is a genuine struggle for a lot of you. That is because entrepreneurship brings out the worst in people. Jealousy is a HUGE problem. Stealing is another problem. It is easy to drown in other people’s personal business struggles. PLUS INTERNET COMMUNICATION. Enough said. 


Business besties are not just for “famous” businesses either so if the idea of befriending you makes you barf affiliate sales, no worries. 

So how do you find people to talk about your business with who don’t hold you back but will actually help you move forward? 

1. Find people who have similar values when it comes to business.

The best way to figure that out is to discuss what kind of blogs and books you read. Most people can be defined by the stuff they do/do not read. If there are 4 or 5 people on his/her blogroll that make you want to vomit in your mouth, that is not a good fit. You don’t want someone who is a clone of you but it is nice to have the same values so that when you do have something you need help with, they won’t send you off in a crazy direction.

What do they think is important? 

What would they never do? 

Those are great ways to find awesome people who get it.

Try book clubs and facebook groups based off your interests

2. Find people you connect with outside of business.

Michelle, who has been one of my business besties for YEARS (there are messages between the two of us from 2010) and I spend most of our time not actually talking about business but about nerdy things, feminist stuff, boys and social justice. I know, that sounds weird, but that is why it feels good to be friends with her.

Have you ever hung out with someone who only wants to talk about business all the time, 24/7? Know how it feels leechy and annoying? Yeah, no one wants that.

It is best to connect with someone who you would hang out with because you have stuff in common outside of business. 

3. Connect with people who don’t do the same things you do.

WHOAH I have heard so many HORROR stories about copycats, jealousy and other friendship disasters that happen when you share your business’s ups and downs with someone who does the same shit you do. This takes 2 really highly evolved people to make this work but for a lot of people it gets tricky. 

Look for people where there is an obvious sense of kismet but aren't in the same industries if possible. Maybe you guys ar

Those types of relationships work best. Several of my business besties are people who have been my clients or/and the other way around.

4. Find kindred spirits in your programs/classes.

This is the #1 reason why I still believe in communities and classes and while I’ll always teaching them. I am currently running a year long experience, and so many amazing friendships have developed there. You already have the desire to finish/understand the same thing and the extra layer of accountability is a really good bonus and adds to the friendship.

Taking a class and notice someone in your group really vibes with you? Email them and say hello. Give them a compliment on their awesomeness and let the conversation grow from there.

5. Get out and about.

I know, networking events are the worst, but I met one of my best friends at a networking event. There is nothing like IRL connection, and the bonus of finding someone local is that you can meet up in person too. Co-working dates, anyone? For entrepreneurs, getting out of the house can be really, really hard but once you do it, you have some really great biz girlfriend potential.

I want to hear from you! Do you have a business bestie? If yes, how did you find them? If no, what are you looking for? Hit the comment section on the blog and maybe you can find something there. 

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