how to get out of business survival mode and start acting like a BOSS

  I believe in hustling. I believe in working hard, paying your dues and making a name for yourself but I also believe that at some point, you have to flip the switch.

Let me back up a little.

If you are like me, this having your own business thing hasn’t been all smooth sailing and it’s natural to accept everything that comes with the “process.”

You know what process I am talking about, right? It all comes in a neat little package.

Lots of learning, lots of experimenting, lots and lots of trail runs and most likely (and most painfully) less money.

All of us do this at some point. We find ourselves in this place where we are working with lots of people and charging very little or even worse, not working with many people at all and still charging very little cash money.

As a response (and this might just be me) we make excuses:

  • My audience just doesn't have enough money to afford the amount I really wanna pay (actually, they’ll find the money, they just don’t want to work with you bad enough to find the money)
  • I don’t need a lot of money (everyone could use more money -- money does SO much good and gives you so much space to live and experiment)
  • We don’t know enough to charge the big bucks (well WHEN will you know enough, my friend? You are supposed to be an EXPERT, yo)
  • I am still figuring things out (don’t even get me STARTED on this one)


Another side-effect of being constantly in survival mode? No blog posts. No newsletters. You aren't engaging your audience. So as a result, you get caught in this loop of nothingness. You get STUCK in this feeling of going nowhere. Stuck inside the struggle.

And you know why?

When you are in the “just starting/hustling/intheprocess” mindset you are only motivated by desperation and a need to survive and you can’t think about thriving.


Let’s pretend that you decided you wanted to get an apartment and it cost 300 dollars more than the one you are in now. You have signed the papers. You are living in it. Things couldn't possibly stay the same, right? You would need to change your life so that you could make the extra 300 dollars a month.


Now imagine if you did the same for your business. You decide you are going to start making 10k a month and start living like it. Things would have to change.

Your business won't change if you don't change.

The first step is deciding that you no longer want to just survive and that you are ready (right now) to start living the dream. It is so easy to get used to the hustle lifestyle and  forget that the purpose of starting your own business is to create a life that makes us happy.

And most likely, you don’t “feel” ready but no one ever feels ready for anything, right?

What does that look like, anyway? How do we start acting like a BOSS?

Here are some examples: 

  • Creating a business model that makes you money consistently, so you aren’t having to constantly hunt
  • Declaring yourself as an expert at what you do and running your brand accordingly
  • Creating space in your business (this could mean hiring someone or scheduling things) so that you are devoting your time doing what you truly want to do and not the other stuff
  • Charging what you are worth, in alignment to the amount you are actually working and the impact you are truly making in their lives

Doesn't that sound awesome?

A note on pricing for your audience, because this has always been a struggle for me: You can create offerings at different price points so that you CAN thrive AND address the fact that you want to create services and products that are affordable. In fact, that is the BEST way to create an effective sales funnel so don’t be afraid of creating a Big Bling offering.

Yep, you CAN have it ALL, yo.

Ok, let’s talk about it it! What is the ONE thing you can do to get your business out of survival mode?


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