Building Your Own Business Is F-ing Hard




So as you have probably noticed, one of the ways my brand is shifting is I am focusing primarily on style. It is not about what to do -- because at this point, we all know WHAT to do, it is about the way you do it so that you CAN do it.

Business is all about consistency. -- Tweet this.

That is the #1 problem most businesses have. Most people have a marketing degree level knowledge of business but for whatever reason, most of that stuff just doesn’t get implemented, and that is for a lot of reasons but mostly it is for one big reason that most people just don’t want to mention because it is a douchey thing to say.

Business is a lot of work, and most people don’t want to do it. -- Tweet this.

This is fine. No judgement! There is more to life than being Twitter famous. Life is crazy and big and busy and full of stuff. It is totally fine that in addition to being a superhero in your life, you don’t WANT to do this too. I am honestly not being passive aggressive; I am telling the truth. Business is a big commitment and LIFE is also a big commitment and both refuse to yield to each other.

Your life isn’t gonna become less hectic to make time for your business, and your business won’t work if you can’t make the time for it. -- Tweet this.

Ugh, I know.

But because of this, people go around in circles hoping there will be a time when life is totally ready for us to do our businesses now and that time just doesn’t come. Ever. That is, of course, you want to pay someone to literally run your business for you but if you could do that, you might not need this newsletter.

I can’t teach you or do anything that will make it LESS WORK but I can help you figure out how to make business a less oppressive experience so you can do that whole consistency thing.


So let’s talk about this newsletter. Writing a newsletter every week (in addition to all of the other stuff I have to do to make a business happen) is a lot of work. It just is.

But because I’ve really honed in on a style that works great for me, it never feels like a slog. My newsletters are always fun to write. I love sending them out. They are great marketing pieces for me, and it is where I focus all my energy. I don’t spend a ton of time trying to build my other social media platforms because this is where I like to do my thing.

So instead of having to spend ALL of my time trying to build up Instagram and Periscope and Snapchat and blah, blah -- anything I create on those places leads here.

This is a very Thoughtleader decision because Thoughtleaders like to focus their energy and build vs. feeling good being everywhere like a lifestyle brand or serial.

So this STYLE decision has made it so that I am marketing, I am building, and I am growing my business without having to work hard at being everywhere all the time.

I also know that when I go to social media, I have a style to the way I post, so I don’t ever feel like I am doing TOO much, and it is a lot of work that feels manageable. Eating a slice of pie instead of the whole thing.





Ok, sorry. Moving on.

Moral of the story: if you feel overwhelmed and stalled out because business feelsTOO big and crazy, I’d focus on the WAY you are doing your business vs. trying to find new strategies.

Nobody loves launches but is there a way to make it flow more with who you are as a person? Yes, indeedy.

And I have discovered that THIS is truly the key to making businesses successful. It is kind of like this conversation:

Me: Hey, your boyfriend sucks. My Friend: WHAT?! JEREMY TREATS ME SO WELL YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING.

3 Weeks Later

My Friend: Jeremy Sucks. Me: No kidding.

People have to discover their own ways of doing things in order to truly KNOW it. You have to find your unique style of making your business happen in order to actually do it, just hearing a piece of advice on a blog post won’t work, but you knew that already, right?

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