But Will People Pay for That?

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This week I am releasing my very simple guide to creating an opt-in for your offer or services. This post quickly goes into the psychology of the opt-in and talks about what kind of free gifts you should give in order to create a high-quality list. You can get it here. It is (super short) and sweet and I literally just used it to make some new opt-ins that will be coming out soon.

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately. Lots of fictional books, actually. Not business books. I don’t get to read much and it has been really nice to dive in and start reading again.

But Shenee, why do I care about your reading habits? Can you please give me advice now?

Great questions, my friend.

Here is the thing about books. They are not “useful.” At least not in the sense that a car is useful or a blog post about creating a blog post (whoah! meta) is useful. It is just this thing you buy just because.

Just because you want to! Because it feels good! Because you want to get lost in the story! Because you like books!

We talk a lot about value around these parts and one of the #1 questions I always get is this one:

Yeah, but will people buy it if I am not selling “make money.”

Will people buy this thing I am trying to do because it seems like the only people making money around here are the people who sell results. They sell things that are “useful.”

One of the books that I got lost in is one by Allie Bosch or Hyperbole and A Half. Here is this woman who makes really good money creating crude comics about the human experience. Is it useful in the moneymaking sense? Not really. But it educated me on depression and it made me laugh. A lot.

Here is the thing about that “will they buy it” question.

The answer is always YES if it helps them FEEL something. You don’t always have to work on pain points.

This is the same reason why people go to ballets or pay to go to the movies. It is the experience. It is just that this industry has made everyone believe that the only feeling that matters is the “I am making money” feeling. Not true.

This past Friday, I was having the world’s worst day. I felt like shit on a stick all weekend and to be honest, I still don’t feel great.

So I decided I wanted to feel different and that I needed an escape so what did I do? I bought a book. I went to the movies. I’ve been reading book after book and watching movie after movie.

I spent a lot of money on Amazon.com.

And I am starting to feel better. For sure. My positive feelings had nothing to do with me making money. People can be satisfied with their purchases without being promised a monetary result? WHAAAAT.

Now will it be a little trickier finding those right people when all you do is roll in business groups? Absolutely. It will be super hard to find the people who want to feel things vs. the people who just want to make money when you hang out in groups where the goal is to make money.


(Get out of your business groups, mmkay?)

BUT the fact of the matter is in this world where people pay hundreds of dollars on clothes and thousands of dollars for vacations, helping people feel something (hey, it doesn’t have to be “good”) is a viable moneymaking plan.

This is why understanding the psychology of your customer is SO MUCH more important than just knowing where she likes to shop. If you know how your customer wants to feel, you’ll have no trouble selling your stuff.

This is why you always need to know what problems you solve too. Your problems might not be exactly obvious, but all of us are solving problems in some shape or form.

You just have to know how to let your audience know that you get their feels and want to help.

Questions to ask yourself if you are struggling to get people to pay for your offer:

How does my offer make my customer feel?

Once they have those feelings, what can they now do? What does it help with?

Want some accountability? Let me know your answers over in the Lovebomb Group.

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