Cool Money w/The Fresh 20 + how to make subscriptions work

 Cool Money is a series devoted to the cool (and well branded) ways that people make their money. Get inspired to think about your income in a whole new way.

Name: The Fresh 20


What is it?:  A monthly subscription service -- $5 a month or $15 for three months


What desire does it meet/problem does it solve? I want to eat healthy but I am overwhelmed by all of the legwork that goes into creating healthy foods. I hate spending hours in the grocery store, I don’t have time to spend hours cooking and when it comes time to go to pinterest to find delicious recipes, I am OVERWHELMED by the options and so I just end up getting takeout instead.


What it looks like: Every week The Fresh 20 sends out a menu and shopping list with 20 ingredients required to make your dinner for the whole week.


Why it works: SIMPLICITY. The Fresh 20 embodies what making money should be about. It should be clean. It should be easy. It should be simple.

It also caters to a specific, on-going need.  <-- This is SO important. 

I often see subscriptions die because after a few months, the need has been met and the customers just move on. You want to provide solutions to ongoing problems. 


What it takes to make this work: brand ambassadors! Subscription services like these are ALL about numbers. You need lots of people to make it work and in order to do that, you have to deliver awesomeness every week.

If you want to do a subscription-type service, make sure you are doing the stuff you REALLY want to do and that you like doing it every month. Otherwise, you could just offer one-offs every month. That way you are not locked into creating any content and if you decide it’s not your style, you can move on.


Who this type of income is BEST FOR: Established bloggers who have big followings and want a simple, streamlined way to start making some money. People who create a LOT of content also do well with this type of model.  If you are not yet established (don't have an audience) this low price subscription service won't pay off immediately. You can check out The Fresh 20 here!


Imagine you could make a subscription work (or maybe you can right now), what would you do?

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