Do you need a babysitter for your business?

I am doing a 1-month trail of a membership site for $50, it’s called Woo Boss Collective and it’s monthly live training for woo-based businesses and those struggling to sell intangibles. The first challenge is going to be to find 4 new potential clients without Facebook groups or ads. If you’d like to get in when it happens, sign up here.  You can sign up or cancel at anytime.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do differently with this new thing and I landed on something that’s always tortured me in the past.

“I just need accountability”

Everyone wants accountability.

I fed into this logic too. "OH! I need to make my stuff like ______ because otherwise people won’t do it or won’t make time for it because they need more help, they need more support.”

I’d lose sleep over clients. I’d email, follow up and build in all of the bells and whistles in my courses and classes. I even have a live class where you HAVE to do the work that day because that’s the only time it’s taught.

I think I have finally, after years in this business realized that it does not matter.

You can add all of the accountability pieces you want but you can never want someone else’s business to happen more than they want it themselves.

It’s true, the market is oversaturated with courses and classes and you might NOT need them but I’ve realized that a lot of people DO but will never know because they haven’t done them.

I just had this experience with my personal writing. I finally read an e-book I bought and was amazed at how much I learned and how I quickly applied it to my business.

It’s crazy how so many people don’t even get that far.

Like I said, I fed into the hype too. I’d devote whole sections to my copy to the fact that this is not your average course and I’ll make sure you do it, even if you don’t have time!  I wanted to be different so I believed the hype when everyone said they wanted people to stop yelling at them and pressuring them and just hold their hands and make sure they do it.

Fuck that.

I am done with that and you should be too.

NOBODY can want something for you more than you want it for yourself and if you can’t bring yourself to sit down and do something as simple as a 15 minute class because you want to, how are you going to do a launch? How are you going to get clients? How are you going to even pick the colors for your site?

If you need someone to FORCE you to do something, what the hell will you do when nobody's around?

If you are begging for accountability and are obsessed with having your hand held, ask yourself what that means for your business as a whole. Your coach and strategist can encourage you and push you and be there for you, but we can’t be your boss.

This is what I’ve noticed: the people who want to do the work, they do it. If I have office hours, they use them. If I don’t, they still do the work. They always ask for help and they always do the assignments.

The people who don’t do the work, will never do it -- not in any situation no matter the price or the investment, not without having to be forced.

Am I anti-accountability? No! I think accountability is great but only when it’s used to BOOST a business vs. support one.

I am in a few accountability groups right now but I know if they went away, I'd still be okay. We all need help and support and guidance and a little boost to get us where we are going. Coaches, for example, are great for getting our minds in the right place and staying focused but these people can not run your business for you.

Nobody else should be the life support that keeps your business going.  -- Tweet this

Being a business owner means…

  • Taking initiative and showing up, no matter what
  • Carving out the time to do things you need to do, even when you don’t have time
  • Waking up early or going to bed late so you get those tasks in

It's your responsibility to make your business happen DESPITE your circumstances. I've done it. Oprah did it. So many people do it, you can too but only if you WANT TO.

So what role will accountability play in my membership? Will I just be leaving people to their own devices? NO WAY. I am working with an experience architect who is going to make this membership the most thoughtfully designed and masterfully executed offer I’ve ever created. You’ll be supported. The trainings will be live and they will be active but I’m not your babysitter and guess what?

You shouldn’t need one.

If you care, I’ll be there for you and we can make this business happen.

If you don’t care, IDGAF either.

It’s up to you to give a fuck how your business turns out, not anyone else. -- Tweet this

- Shenee