Do your clients know how to find you?

Most people -- no matter how informed they are on a specific topic, rarely use the words you use to describe the work you do. While this is just a minor problem for someone like me, for a B2C brand, it can really burn and hurt a business. Are the things your clients are really looking for obvious on your sites?

One of the first activities I am doing during Saturday’s workshop is the “Are you Googleable?” Exercise.  I designed it to help businesses with benefits that seem intangible and hard to point out and highlight the tangible benefits so they are easier to find, refer and share.

I’ve got a lot of terms that make me googleable: how to make money, business, branding, growth, list building -- you’ll find them all on my site somewhere. But what about you?

I know what you are thinking. BUT YOU ARE B2B. True, but that doesn’t matter. It’s not because my business is more worth it, it’s because I have language that matches my client’s problems in the language they are most likely to use.

A lot of woo-based businesses struggle with this specifically because the focus is always on the tools vs. the actual solutions.

Here is a story I tell in my free-masterclass, but I’ll tell it here. Say your friend just moved into her boyfriend’s apartment and it just feels -- funky. Nothing seems right and she’s getting headaches and feeling awful.

What does she google? I am sure that reading this, you have all sorts of solutions for this woman that there is no way she knows to look for.

She’ll google organization ideas, relationship coaching….she might re-read her copy of the Art of De-Cluttering but what she won’t be looking for is energy clearing. There is no way.

If you are reading this and your are a woo-based brand that struggles to grow your audience and make sales, this is most likely the reason why. You aren’t truly REACHING your clients because those people who need you have no clue where to look and find you.

Woo-based brands always complain that their audiences are small in comparison to business coaches but really, you can help anyone do ANYTHING. Just think about someone like Tony Robbins who has books on money and relationships. He’s figured out how to apply his woo pretty much everything and is stacking up money as a result.

Look at your business instead as one that’s not limited because you aren’t helping people make money but endlessly awesome because there are so many problems that can’t be solved with a business coach.

Action Steps

Here’s an activity to get you going. Look at all of your clients and write down a list of ALL the benefits they’ve gotten from working with you.After you do that look at your website, how much of those results are ON your website. Is it clear?

Practice talking about your work WITHOUT using the tools you use to solve problems. How does your copy change?


Don’t forget that my Sell Your Woo Workshop is THIS SATURDAY and we have a precious few spots remaining.

In this workshop we will:

  • Help make your business googleable by making your intangibles sellable and connecting with the audiences that really need your work.
  • Develop a new “Work With Me” page that will reflect your new awesome POV
  • Create a new free gift that will help you make sales and grow your audience with the right people


You can sign up here.