Why I Don’t Share My Numbers

I’ve had some pretty Facebook ad worthy success over the years but I never talk about it and the other day someone asked me why. I don’t share my numbers because there in no way, shape, or form an accurate depiction of what your personal experience will be with my brand. I have some clients who do less and others who do WAY MORE. There is no way to say.

Social proof works -- that’s why I often showcase testimonials from my clients (and I need to get better about getting those, note to self) but who cares what I’ve done?

A brand strategist with over 6 years of copywriting and marketing experience along with 60+ courses shouldn’t be a measuring stick you measure yourself against, no?

You’ll notice that when you DO join one of these courses that showcases these big numbers (and they are truly amazing and impressive and boss-like) is that they leave one BIG detail out:


Pretty much success in every area of business, from Facebook ads to sales copy and list-building techniques, requires a level of experimentation and work that doesn’t show in the numbers that help sell the course, class or the services.

The person will literally tell you what other things you need for it to work (a great offer, clarity, a funnel, killer graphic design skills), there is a lot at play.

Most business owners won’t tell you that results are HIGHLY individual and based on market, timing and a whole bunch of other stuff that will be a bitch for you to try and recreate. This is also why the industry feels dense with business success stories. The gap between the actual strategy and the experimentation needed to make it work is way narrower for someone who is within the industry that is TEACHING said strategy.

A lot of these strategies can be directly replicated with other businesses but most, especially for my woo bosses it’s a slog trying to recreate that success.

Any email you write or post you create has the potential to make you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars but it usually takes some elbow grease to get you there.

I strongly believe that one of the big reasons people fail at business is that they don’t realize that there are 3 parts to business:

  • Learning the tools
  • Executing them YOUR way
  • Doing things consistently

You must learn how things work -- from how to put together an email, to how to use Instagram and then figure out how to make them best work for you.

You can do anything and have it work if you are consistent but most people can’t be consistent doing things that are either, not a good fit or things they don’t like.

So much of the work in Woo Boss Collective is about trying things and seeing if they work or not and this is the work that has to be done.

It might take some experimenting to develop a sales funnel that works for you but when you have it, the money WILL flow, it has to because you understand why and how it works.

I’ve recently revamped Woo Boss Collective and simplified it to include 3 things:

  1. A project of the month that’s a mandatory item for your business -- I’m talking the stuff you KNOW you need to do but struggle to get done (getting those freakin’ autoresponders done, creating a marketing to-do list, making your newsletter something that actually gets sent)
  2. Marketing challenge of the week -- this is one marketing action step that will help you either grow your cash money or grow your list
  3. Daily clarity questions engineered to help you go deep and get clear on business

I’ve designed it to be a streamlined approach to growing your business, everything builds and makes sense.

The cart is opening for Woo Boss Collective this week and will be opened for 72 hours, you can learn more about it here.