The brand chemistry of some of your favorite businesses

  Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking a LOT about Brand Chemistry in a lot of different places but this week I am going to really break it down and show you how brand chemistry translates for businesses in the real world and how branding helps grow these businesses into the powerhouses they are today.

Before we get started, I’ll be talking a lot about The Brand Chemistry Axis of Awesome and here it is:

Branding Marketing Offers

I’ll be pointing out how each of these powerhouses uses each to help attract people to their businesses.

One thing I do need to note as a disclaimer is that momentum does play a role. A lot of the people I’ll be showcasing have been at this a long time and momentum has played a huge role in making them big names in the industry.

Gala Darling | Lifestyle


Marie Forleo | Teacher


Jessica Hische | Thoughtleader/Boutique

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