Get Focused: 12 Apps For Getting Things Done in 2015

  Earlier this week I talked about how to avoid getting distracted in business and today I am sharing some of my favorite resources/tips for clearing out all of the clutter and getting to work.

FB Newsfeed Blocking Apps: FB Purity // Newsfeed Eradicator

Getting rid of my fb newsfeed = a gamechanger. Comparison and despair GONE. Instantly. It is suprising how much we can get done when we sit down and just DO THE WORK. is a 25 minute timer with 5 minutes break. GAMECHANGER PART 2.

Stay Focused: Block social media

Cold Turkey: This is Stay Focused on STEROIDS. Cold Turkey blocks absolutely EVERYTHING. No opening another web browser and jumping on real quick. (PC only)

Pocket: See something you wanna read but it is during the work day? Save it to Pocket and read before work hours or in the evening with your favorite cup of tea.

Ulysses Writing App: My new FAVORITE writing app for business and non-business writing. Fantastic for saving up blog post ideas or organizing your novel.

Asana: I am very bad Asana and don’t use it as much as I should but lovely VA Meagan is good at going in getting tasks and getting things done. It’s a great way to set up systems so that everything can go on autopilot while you work it, yo.

I Did This Today: Encouragement baby, encouragement. Instead of doing a To-Do List, create a DONE! list. The I Did This Today Site allows you to log awesome achievements as you complete them.

Mailstorm: Stop being distracted by that pesky inbox. Mailstorm clears out your inbox so that you can focus on what really matters. Don’t want to let go out of your newsletter subscriptions? Unroll.Me rolls up everything from your inbox into a simple digest that you can read whenever you are ready. No more getting distracted by Forever 21 sales. Oh just me? Ok.

What are some of your favorite Get-it-Done apps?

Put them in the comments!

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