Go Go Gadget Challenge: Strengthen Your Brand Personality

The Go Go Gadget Biz Challenge is designed to help you extend your business reach (HA get it?) with 1 simple task a week. You can sign up for it here.  

This Week’s GO GO:


Share something non-business related with your audience. Do you have an outside interest? A movie you saw and really loved? A purchase that you are excited about? Tell your people and then invite THEM to share.


Share that type of stuff all the time? Share something NEW.


Level up: Create a “weekly ________.” Maybe every Tuesday your followers share their favorite recipe or a favorite quote.


Consistency is KEY to helping people see you as someone that they will trust so do something that gets people/excited to come to your page every week.


You are also relating to your audience and building your “online personality”



Let's review:


Share something non-business related with your audience and ask them to share with you!


Want to do more? Do it every week!




Share your progress in the Lovebomb Studio!


Can't wait to see what you do!