Are you running a biz or just collecting advice? + Go with your gut CHALLENGE





I am gonna make a bold statement.

You may not be cut out for entrepreneurship.

I have been doing a lot of watching (haha) and I have noticed a trend among people who are having trouble getting clients or having trouble getting traction.

They are collectors. They buy lots of products. They spend a lot of time on other people’s sites. They collect.

Their question is always this:

“What is everyone else doing?”

First of all, I get it. I used to really admire a business mentor (who was a complete sham, btw) and wanted to know her point-of-view on everything.

But here is the truth:

If you do not trust yourself to make a decision and go in a direction (even if it is wrong), you should not be doing this.

That is painful for me to say but I hate watching people waste their time and money because they are hoping for someone else’s intuition and confidence to show them the way.

I see so many people circle the drain for YEARS because they are constantly collecting information and validation. We are obsessed with asking questions and we are WAY too invested in other people’s answers.

Here is the bottom line:

No one knows more about your business. No one will EVER know more about your business than you. If anyone tells you that they can tell you something that you in your heart don’t know, they are full of shit.

Advice is just advice. There is no “way” to do anything.

And so what happens when you don’t trust yourself more than someone else?

  • You waste money. A LOT of it.
  • You sit on ideas for months (maybe years)
  • You suffer from compare and dispair syndrome on a regular basis
  • You get advice that isn’t right for you. Lots of it.

I want to protect you from all of the bullshit that people say and protect your wallet from all of the investments you have NO business making but I can’t.

I want YOU to realize that you most likely KNOW enough to start so just do it.

What would your business look like if you stop researching and started doing? What would happen if you invested in experiences and REALLY showed up for the ones you actually needed? What would happen if you stopped trying to see what everyone else was doing?

Well, I’ll tell you what happened to me when I went guru-free. I quadrupled my income.

I had no clue what I was doing MOST of the time but I learned to TRUST myself to go a direction and commit to it. That is what makes you an expert. It’s what makes people want to buy from you.

It seems cliche but I promise you this will make ALL of the difference in the world. Just the simple act of making a decision and committing to it makes everything happen.

You become an expert. You build the confidence (in action). You make money. You WILL figure it out.

So, here is my challenge for you this week! Spend 1 week without asking questions. Spend 1 week with your gut. Make decisions and just do it. GO.