The #1 technique for growing your business faster



It’s natural to complicate things. I mean, when it comes to business there are SO MANY THINGS you could get wrong. So much research to be done.

It’s easy to become a collector of information. Ask tons of questions. (“What ____do you use? What do you do about _______?) Read a ton of books.

But you know what happens when you do that, right? You can’t pick! What is the BEST way? What should I do now?

And a confused mind? It doesn't take action.

And that is what keeps most businesses from growing. Most likely, you are confused. You don’t know what to do because in your mind, you have SO many things to choose from. As a result, you wait around for months -- not doing much. You are waiting for it to all make sense.


It’s a crazy mindfuzz. In an effort to learn more and do more, we end up not doing anything at all.


I am known for my accelerated approach to business. I make it a habit of teaching people to do things in 1 day that usually take months to complete. And I do the same for myself.


I create quickly and as a result, my business has grown. Really fast. And without spending 30,000+ to get there.


How do I do it?



Let’s break this down.



 Have an idea for something you wanna do? How can you deliver this in the simplest way possible? Instead of solving a million different problems, how about one?

Which one of these two scenarios seems most likely to become a reality?


Option 1: Your FIRST product or program you are planning is a giant 6 month program with a billion bonuses and you want to launch it by doing 20 interviews and a webinar (GAHHH)

Oh and p.s -- you have never launched anything before


Option 2:Your first product is a small mastermind group with 3-4 people that you invite personally at a great price




Simplicity is key.

When you make things simple in your business:

  • You are able to make changes WAY easier. You can revise. You can try again. When you have created something really big and involved a million other people, you can’t.
  •  Things are way easier to sell when we someone can look at it and know EXACTLY what it is and the program or product becomes way easier to talk about, which is key.

This doesn't just apply to products but marketing efforts and content-creation. If your blog posts are so loaded and full with information, you never want to write them. Just talk about one thing.



Action = making decisions.  It’s about making a decision and not turning back, backtracking or changing your mind. So many people make a decision to go a direction, hear crickets and decided they must be doing in wrong. This will keep you going in circles. Pick a name. Launch it. Just do it.

This won’t always work out perfectly but it will strengthen your business owner muscles.

Think about facebook. People hate the changes facebook makes but they NEVER backtrack on a new feature. Ever. And we all just get used to it, don’t we? Nobody leaves because of a crappy feature.


Yes, we want to listen to customers, experts and friends but ACTION is about listening to yourself.


You can NOT run a business in the long run if you need to be constantly told what to do. There is no way. Practice picking something and trusting you made the right decision.


Awkward, yo  was based on a conversation I had with a friend. She clearly articulated a problem that I believe so many people have. How do I get ONLINE when everything is so freakin’ awkward?

Next step: Figure out how to solve this problem in the simpliest way possbile.

I could have easily waited and created a huge class for it. I could have done a week-long challenge and launched it. I just wanted to get it out. I wanted to see if this type of product would work.

So, what did I do? I wrote the copy and released it. No fan fare. No launch. Just an email and a simple optimizepress page.


I did my first week-long facebook challenge almost 2 years ago. 4 people participated in it. I was there everyday, responding to their questions and learning.

Next time I did it, a few more people participated. Maybe 12

I kept engaging. I kept creating simple ideas for facebook challenges.

My latest 5 day challenge? 400 sign ups.


When you  approach your next steps  with simplicity + action in mind, your business grows faster because you MOVE faster.


Making everything a “big deal” makes your business clunky and inactive because it takes WAY too much energy to do anything.

Do you feel that way? Like you are constantly walking through mud and that every step just feels....difficult?



Yeah. Treat yo self to SIMPLICITY + ACTION!


Gonna turn this over to you! What do you think? Have you ever found yourself STUCK because every direction felt like it was going to take so much work? Have you ever stopped because you read something about a way things could be done differently? Let me know!




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