Hey Girl, You Are Turning Green + Let's Work Together!

Oh the jealousies. It is no secret that I have been on a bit of a rollercoaster these last few weeks. Change is painful and hard and…


Anyways I’ve been spending most of my time between a few key activities. Basically obsessively working with my clients creating work that is only acceptable if it melts my eyes because of pure awesomeness and amazingness AND binge-watching TV shows and pinning photos of hot men on my pinboard.

This past weekend I binge watched the third season of Once Upon A Time and in the later part of the season there is a storyline that centers around the wicked witch of the west. I have never seen a story that most closely resembles internet jealousies than this one.

See apparently the witch was just your average red-headed chick but then she decided to spy on this woman (I won’t tell you who, spoilers) through some cloudy looking glass thing which is basically magical low-tech Facebook.

She looked on as this woman was taught magic and given what the wicked witch would describe as “everything.

As her envy started to grow, homegirl started to turn green.

Yes, it is THAT literal. GREEN WITH ENVY.

Now imagine if every time you went online, stalked someone else and let yourself fall victim of the jealousies you turned green?

That would blow, right? Also, we’d all be looking like relatives of Kermit.


Who the hell is this chick?

Ok so let’s talk about being green. One of the things that kept happening is that sister green face just couldn’t appreciate what she had. She was incapable of being in the moment and appreciating the good things because she was watching what everyone else was doing because she was looking for more.

MORE. That is sort of the mindfreak of the internet, right? It is basically a big vortex full of things that you can see and hear about all the time but can’t have. It is this big place where we might not have even thought about cookies but then your aunt shares a post with cookies on it, and it is all you can think about.

This is the key. Would The Wicked Witch be green if she hadn’t even seen the girl in the magical Facebook? Most likely not.

Would I want cookies if I didn’t see them? Maybe later but only because I really wanted them and not because I saw someone else have them.

This is the key to everything guys! THE KEY.

We have to know what it is we TRULY want in business and in life and not just the stuff we see other people are promoting. -- Tweet this

Peace with ourselves and our business can only come when we figure this piece out away from the evil internet vortex.

If you sit down and take a deep breath and think --- what is it that you truly want?

This is why so many people buy things and don’t finish it. This is why so many people get frustrated with this building a business thing.

They want what they see other people have but never stopping to think about their own needs outside of the internet.

This has happened to me too! Sometimes I stop and see something on Facebook, and I am like “OH! I should do that!” but I don’t do it because actually I never really cared about it that much.

And so then you send your mind on this wild goose chase with itself and at the end you are like WAIT WHAT?


If I had no clue what a “successful business” looked like, what would it look like to me?

Deep breaths!

Doesn’t that feel good?

Totally. I know you want a cookie now too, right? What is your favorite cookie?

OH! I have good news! Like I said, I have been working obsessively with clients and guess what? It’s been 1-on-1. That’s right, just for this Fall I’ve been taking on very few 1-on-1 clients to work with me on things! Basically, you’ll be borrowing my brain, and I’ll become obsessed with your business. Here are some things I've been working with my clients on:

•  integrating more brand chemistry into a business •  developing an autoresponder series and follow up emails •  crafting LONG term launch plans so everything doesn’t feel like a wtf crunch •  editing, refining, and awesomefying copy so that it sings like a bird and sells like Taylor Swift •  developing list building projects to attract the right target market •  research on target markets -- where they are, what they want •  designing offers and figuring out baseline income •  sending 90’s rap videos for inspiration

I am only taking clients for the Fall so if you’ve ever been like “yo, Shenee seems smart, I wish she could help me figure out wtf is happening” you got it.

I only have a few spots.

Just check out my handy pdf and get in touch if you want to work together!  

This week I have something really special to share. I am releasing my very first Brand Chemistry mini- product. It is my Brand Chemistry Content Guide. You’ll get an introduction to creating content for your specific type and get info from the other types if you are feeling a little off-balanced.

Inside you’ll learn:

•  what social media platforms to avoid and which ones to use to attract your perfect audience •  brainstorming exercises to help you figure out what you should be posting •  a strategy for creating content for your unique type •  fill in the blank blog post ideas for your type

And a bunch of other fun little bits. It’s only $25 this week (and then the price goes up to $35). Click here to learn more.

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