5 Ways Your Business Can Become Memorable

  Last week I talked about how some of the “big names” market and brand themselves and now I am turning my attention over to you. How will you be memorable in 2015?

3 years ago I wrote a post about Seth Godin’s purple cow theory and how I thought it was bullshit. I still believe that. People spend way too much time trying to figure out how to make themselves “stand out” and feeling like something is missing and not enough time actually doing the work.

This is especially the case with boutique brands and thoughtleaders who thrive on feeling unique and often will not put themselves out there until they feel “ready.”

Here is what I said in 2012:

You can show up with some tights and a cape but if you aren’t actually saving people you are not a superhero. The same goes for business. Pretty websites and clever taglines don’t make your brand memorable. Kicking ass on the regular basis makes you memorable. You have to kick ass first and then the rest just makes you MORE awesome.

Hey, that’s pretty good, right? So let’s revisit this in 2015.

Let’s face it: the landscape has really changed.

2 years ago, I could count on one hand all of the brand strategists and business coaches and now I know dozens. DOZENS. Same can be said for many of the other industries out there. There is no doubt about it: There has been a boom.

I still think that standing out isn’t the most important thing but being memorable + kicking ass is just good business.

So what makes people stand out? Today I am giving you my perspective as customer and a brand strategist.

I hire a LOT from the community. I don’t buy from “big names” for the most part. I don’t buy many business products so I am not giving my perspective just to b2b. So what makes me (and people like me) buy? What makes a brand memorable for me?


I am a SUCKER for clarity. If you can tell me what you do, how you can help me and how much it costs quickly and concisely, you’ll get my money before someone who is flashier. The amount of clarity will vary depending on the type of business (thoughtleaders and lifestyle brands have themes while boutique brands, serials and teachers, for example) but if I know where I am and what I am going to get while there, I am sold. I think people often think clarity = fancy/good design. That is just not the case.

Your customer most likely feels the same way. I’ve bought from some ugly sites before. I’ve bought from people who didn’t have a site but had really clear facebook pages. If you have trouble converting, it might be a clarity problem.

This is the FIRST STEP in my workings with my clients because if you are CLEAR, people will buy from you even if you don’t have everything else figured out.

Action: Take the time to figure out who you are right now (even if you know it’s not forever). Branding is not always permanent but it is important to be as clear as you can be when offering your services.

Signature Style

Style is not about flash or big personality. It’s about consistency. When I see an image or a piece of copy or a quote, I like to be able to say “oh, that is totally _____.”

As a business owner, focus on getting good at one thing and focus on making that your signature. Examples of signature:

• Use the same colors and fonts for your pinterest images • Have a distinct style to the way you write • Give your audience a name (Lovebombers, Hotties, Nerd Nation) • Use the same filter for all your instagram images • Give one-line advice on twitter

Your signature can be absolutely anything. The key is to just explore, pick something and keep doing it. I love (as a client) feeling like I am going through a unique experience. I am a sucker for a signature process or a signature style

Action: Start thinking about how you love to communicate. When do you feel most in the zone? Your signature most likely starts there.


This is a biggie for me. This isn’t about perfection. This is about knowing (as a customer) that you are talking to me and you are 100% sure that you’ll be able to help with my problems. This goes back to clarity too. There is nothing better than knowing 100% that you are someone’s target market and being effectively marketed to, yo.

Let’s pause and let that sink in for a moment -- for all my selling scardy cats all there.

I love being effectively marketed to because as a client it makes me confident that the person selling knows who and what they are selling.

Marketing is about making people feel more confident about what they are buying. TWEET THIS!

This is actually the purpose of marketing. So when you don’t want to market yourself what you are saying is that you don’t feel confident showing people who you are and what you do as a business owner. I can’t tell you how much it breaks my heart to see people that I KNOW are good not market themselves effectively because they don’t want to or don’t feel like they should.

Effective marketing = confidence

Action: Let people know you are confident and that you are really great at serving the people you want to serve. Don’t be shy. Don’t shy away from the things that make you more qualified than other people to do what you are offering. Brag! Put yourself on video! Put yourself out there!

Offers + Target Market

There will always be somewhere who is charging less for what you do. THIS IS LIFE. Instead of trying to compete with price, make your offers unique, super juicy and for a group you feel super qualified to serve.

This is especially important for boutique branders and teachers who make more money when they are able to be super specific about who they are teaching.

Action: You might be a life coach but what is your focus? You might do web designs but is there an audience out there who is particularly thirsty for new design? Think about your offers that way.


I have written extensively about personality. YES. Personality matters. No, having a personality doesn’t mean being loud, boisterous or signing off your email with the tagline “Peace, Love and Backstreet Boys.” (hehehehe)

I just need to know that I am working with a PERSON that exists and has interests and thinks and talks about things and isn’t just a marketing robot.

Action Share more! You don’t have to bleed onto the computer screen to make yourself seem personable. You can share a picture of your dog or share a song you are loving. It makes a huge difference.

Over to you! How do you plan to make yourself stand out in 2015? What are some of your ideas?

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