How to be successful when you suck at everything popular


I’ve tried multiple times to create a really basic step-by-step blog post to help you do something super basic. I KNOW you guys love these posts but it’s not in my zone of genius. Thoughtleaders can teach but they mostly want to preach.

I’ve tried multiple times to create a year-long high-level mastermind program at a super high price point. I try every few weeks but I always have to talk myself into buying almond butter so better not charge 30,000.

I’ve attempted to style my space to be more Instagram friendly but I don’t have enough white and my apartment and my “workspace” is my couch in front of a big screen TV watching Lifetime movies and eating stuffed olives.

That means:

  • I’ll most likely never go viral on Pinterest
  • I probably won’t have 1 million followers on Instagram (well at least not until my screenplay gets made or that book gets published)
  • I am not sure what not doing a mastermind program loses me but I am sure it’s something.

Does this mean that my business is doomed? I’ve had hundreds of customers so….no.

My friend Denise Duffield Thomas says this thing in her book on Money Manifesting that I’ll never forget.

Everything works.

What I mean by this is that all strategies that people outline have the potential to work, it’s just about what will work for you. Every offer has the potential to make you six figures.  Every blog post can go viral. Any video is a few clicks away from getting to a literary agent.

This is something I even have to remind myself of when I go to write a blog post and try to will it to be more Pinterest-friendly and remember that most of the things Danielle Laporte or Anne Lamont or Maya Angelou wrote were not quite Pinterest-friendly either.

I’ve made it clear that I want to work with people who don’t just serve other business owners which means a lot of you will struggle to create content that fits in the models that “work.”

Last week my friend Laura Gates walked me through her amazing process for clearing out mental clutter and there was no way it could have been boiled down into a simple step-by-step post.

I also know that a lot of you spend a lot of time trying to force it, to do the things that are unnatural to you with the hopes of “going viral.”

I know people who have used their podcasts to reach new customers -- with downloads in the 50-100k, way more than any pin.

I know someone who has a youtube channel with 50k followers and that acts as her main earner

People make it big on periscope or facebook live. They write viral blog posts on medium or create dinner parties that keep their client docket full to the brim with customers.

Oh and then there are the countless amounts of people who grow their businesses the old-fashioned way -- with content upgrades and a GASP opt-in.

Everything works.

What works for you?

That’s the question, that’s what it is up to you to discover.

You can start by figuring out what DOESN’T work for you.

What feels hard to do? What feels fake? What doesn’t feel right to you?

Just X those off your list. You don’t HAVE to do them.


Yeah, you don’t have to do them.

Now what feels natural? What feels good? What feels expansive and like you want to do it all the time?

Now find someone who can help you build strategies around THAT. Do that. Consistently. Don’t get distracted.

Who you are and what you do right now is ENOUGH. You are enough. It’s just about strategy and branding yourself so it works.

Hit reply and let me know! What feels good for you to do? What strategy are you ready to let go of?

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