How to Beta Test Your Next Big Thing



So,  let’s say you have taken Idea to Income and you have an income stream that you want to make happen. It’s new so you don’t have any testimonials yet. You actually aren’t even sure if you know how to do it. You have an outline, sales copy and even a launch plan. But what now?

Beta test that mothatrucka.

Why? Because it will help you get testimonials, it guarantees that you end up with a product that people actually want and it creates INCREDIBLE peace of mind.

I beta test EVERYTHING because I want to create the best workshops and classes possible and nothing is perfect the first time around.

Beta testing 101:

1. Handpick a group of people who would most likely buy this product when it comes out.

This group of people should make you over-the-moon EXCITED and happy to serve. They GET you, you get them. You don’t have to work at it. Do NOT let people who are NOT your ideal person inside this group.

P.S -- This group of people is what I like to call a circle o’ awesome and every business owner needs one. I talk a little more about what a circle o’ awesome is and how to create one on my facebook post. Check it out here.

Personally email them and invite them to this new thing you are creating. It makes THEM feel special and it allows you to control what type of person you work with. This is a SUPA delicate stage for your new thing and you want to make sure you aren’t exposing it to people who wouldn’t want to do it anyway.

2. Make it a no-brainer price

That takes the pressure off of you and makes it an easy buy for them. I know you might think that your new thing SHOULDN’T cost less because it’s awesome already but TRUST ME, you want to make the beta experience a LEARNING experience and that is really difficult when you are asking people for lots o’ cash.

3. Build in feedback into the experience and always ask questions

This is where you gotta but your ego back in the drawer, yo. Beta testing is only effective if you allow people to tell you what’s going right, what could be better and what they are REALLY excited about. This used to be really hard for me but I have realized that making sure that the right people are in the beta class to begin with is the best thing you can do to make sure the feedback getting process is as painless as possible. It’s still gonna burn a little bit.

3.5. Test things out

When you are picking a teleconfrence line, don’t just pick one, Try different ones. If you are doing a month long class, use one service for one week and then switch to another to see which one works. It is important that you test conference lines WITH people on them. Otherwise, you don’t actually know how it will work. TRUST ME on that one. There is no “best” software or program. Technology works differently with each computer or even based off of which other programs you have open at the same time. Same goes with the way you deliver content. Try different modes of delivery. It’s all about developing a flow.

Remember -- this is BETA. There are no mistakes, just ways to learn. And it’s a NO-BRAINER price with people who already love and admire you. It’s OK


4.Track everything and don’t be afraid to make changes

This is especially essential when you are beta testing a class. What could you delegate? What can be systematized so you don’t have to do it every time? Where can you trim the fat?

And if something doesn’t work, don’t get angry with yourself and don’t get frustrated with anyone else. CHANGE IT. That is why you are doing the beta test.

5. Say thank you!

People love to know that they are being heard and appreciated. Make it a point to make sure your lovely beta testers know you are doing them a huge solid.

Ah, beta testing. Loves it.

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Can’t wait to meet you Allstar!