How To Build A Brand That Leads To A Book Deal


What’s the secret to building the type of brand that will someday produce an awesome book? I’m sure you’ve heard stories about what it takes. Does it take a big audience? (Sort of) Does it require big-named endorsements (it helps).  In this post, I’m revealing the KEY to getting a YES for your book.

Listen, I get it. I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories about getting a book deal or starting a speaking career. You might have had a few rejection letters from agents. Everyone says a variation of the same thing: You need a big audience to get a book deal. I also know that you have BIG ideas and you want to help people. I know that you’ve been dying to write a book for a while now.

Here’s the deal -- it’s not all about audience and big names.

Most of the books I read are from people I’ve never heard from, so what’s the deal?

I guess before we even talk about that, we need to talk about how book deals happen. They start with a book proposal.

The book proposal is basically a pitch document for your book. When an agent is looking at that document, they are looking for a LOT of things.

The #1 thing they look for is a HOOK. What makes this a NEW take? How is this a fresh perspective or way of looking at things?

This is truly the key to getting ANY media opportunity you might be looking for.

A HOOK is basically your secret sauce. It’s your USP. There are a lot of books out there, what makes this approach unique and different? What makes it cool.

Have you ever heard of the book “You Are A Badass?” I’ve read it and it’s pretty good but if you are familiar with the concepts she talks about, you know it’s nothing new.

The hook made it fresh.

Let’s take these old-school self-development tools and give them a millennial twist.

Jen Sincero didn’t have a HUGE audience when she pitched this book and now it’s a New York Times Best Seller.

You can see how HOOKS make regular products more sellable. Technically Pooppuri is just air-freshener BUT it’s the hook that makes it more attractive.

If you have big dreams of writing books and doing speaking events, a good hook is ESSENTIAL.

It’s also important to have for ALL of your products and services.

This is REALLY important because without a hook, you’ll never quite stand out, even if you have a bigger audience and people really like you.


This week’s question: What is your hook? What makes your way of doing things unique?


Is it your style? Your approach? Figure that out and you are one step closer to NY Times level of success. I’m releasing something new in a few weeks that will take you through the process of naming and explaining anything you want to sell. It’s for books, podcast, shows….anything.


One of the steps is to help you find a hook. This is so good because with this new thing, you can find a hook for your book and then go back through the process to work on a signature talk (for your book tour of course) or even a product to go with it.

Shenee Howard